Lutech services for Intent-Based Networking

Enterprise networks are growing rapidly in size and complexity in order to meet the continuing need for digitalization and this requires at the same time the integration and the connection of thousands of devices in a faster way when it comes to applications.

In these functional contexts, the intent for the computer and the security process is to grant an employee, collaborator or guest exclusive access to a certain set of data and applications (through a unique ID traced on the network).

As a result, to meet the new model of Enterprise Networking and to remain competitive in the market, the geometric growth of the devices to be connected must be incorporated, quickly and securely, to intent-based technological contexts, such as Mobility, IoT, Cloud.

These contexts have an extreme need for a quick assignment of network policies, compared to applications and User IDs (profiling).

At the same time it is essential that the subsequent control of application flows is automatic, for the continuous verification of availability, performance and security.

To meet the new requirements related to Fast and Secure On Boarding of network devices and the subsequent management and monitoring, Networking teams need a new, more agile, intuitive (admin-friendly) network infrastructure that allows maximum automation possible with respect to policies and related monitoring.

For organizations that are considering implementing a Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) it is important to understand which project services would be needed to integrate or replace the network infrastructure and achieve optimal digitization through:

  • technological innovation that best integrates the maximum competitiveness and efficiency of the business processes on the infrastructure.
  • the design support of a technological partner that follows the customer in all phases of innovation, from the AS-IS Hardware-Centric assessment to the realization of the new TO-BE Software-Intent-Driven.

Lutech, for customers who want to implement a new DNA infrastructure, offers, in synergy with Cisco, several key services to allow an accurate implementation and  a migration plan that minimizes any impacts on the business processes already in production. 


DNA consulting services

The consultancy is focused on the construction of a roadmap based on predictive phases of optimization of business processes in which DNA technology can actively support the business based on specific market requests.

  • DNA Advisory Service develops a strategy and an architecture roadmap
  • Security Segmentation Service defines which security approach and policies and policies apply to the strategic business infrastructure.
  • SD-Access Design Service identifies and validates the design requirements (micro segmentation).
  • DNA Center Advise & Implement Service designs, provides and applies profiling criteria through the network.

Implementation services

The service is aimed at simplifying and speeding up IT Network with proven methods. Specialist assistance is provided to validate, migrate, protect and integrate new DNA solutions and technologies in the network through Cisco’s Best Practices and Guidelines.

  • Security Implementation Service provides support for an accelerated and error-free deployment of the ISE authentication platform and the StealthWare network security monitoring system.
  • Network Architecture Migration Service organizes the hardware upgrading of EoL, EoS, through the introduction of the new Catalyst Series 9000 Switch (DNA Native) and the possible design of a plan to migrate the network to a new Fabric topology, with Overlay Layers and Well-defined undelay, to create an SDN (Software Define Network) architecture.

Optimization services

The aim of the service is, from a business critical point of view, to innovate network infrastructure as quickly as possible, through the next generation of optimization services: application of analysis, automation and technological skills that can be used to forecast opportunities, prevent risks and accelerate technological transitions.

Thanks to its team of professionals, Lutech is able to provide the most effective guidelines and design methods to complete innovation processes and allow its customers to make the most of this new SDN automation technology, opening up to a new era of Networking.

Massimo Castelli
Presales Network Engineer