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Finwave, the new reality of the Financial Solutions and Credit Management industry

Merger of Arcares, Finance Evolution and Liscor gives birth to a single €50 million company

Finwave, born from the merger of the Lutech Group companies specialized in Fintech Solutions, Arcares, LiscorFinance Evolution and CST, is a nearly 50 million euro reality, unique in Italy in this specific market, capable of responding to the needs of all interlocutors in the financial world and following them end-to-end thanks to distinctive competencies in areas such as factoring, lending, UTP/NPL, banking, securities & funds, consumer finance, compliance and more, with a dynamic and scalable approach based on client needs.

 “Finwave, thanks to the vertical expertise of each of the merged realities, aims to become the reference reality in Italy in the world of credit management solutions-both performing and impaired loans (UTP and NPL)-and will be able to guide companies of the sector in their end-to-end digital transformation journey. This allows us to have diversified approaches across multiple targets, from small financial intermediaries to large banking groups, in all areas of our expertise, in a scalable and flexible way.”

Willy Burkhardt, CEO di Finwave.

End-to-end solutions for Finance

Over the past 20 years, the original companies (Arcares, Liscor, Finance Evolution, CST) have supported our Clients in growing their business in a complex market with specific platforms that support all financial products and business functions, ensuring full compliance and helping them in the road map of digital evolution.

Today, therefore, Finwave is able to provide a complete, digital and integrated offering, capable of meeting the entire business lifecycle, thanks to 7 end-to-end platforms:

  • Factoring
  • Lending
  • Consumer Finance
  • Compliance
  • Securities & Funds
  • Banking
Numeri Lutech

We believe in expertise and innovation,
and we do it with passion

We believe in our People and invest in their talent, leadership and passion.
43.6M €
About CAGR
Since 2017.
Of the "Top 20 financial institutions"
in Italy, they are our customers.

Our end-to-end approach to your innovation

End-to-end knowledge

We know the industry-specific processes, and we can optimize them by covering every stage, from onboarding to back-end operations and compliance. We guide you through the entire lifecycle of your business.

End-to-end platforms

With both application and infrastructure expertise, we have built market-leading end-to-end platforms dedicated to supporting digital business transformation and increasing volumes.

End-to-end integration

Our solutions are easily integrated into your IT ecosystem, external services, to other platforms and systems. Our technology stack has its focus in the cloud and microservices approach.

Why you should choose Finwave

  • Expertise - We have specific and vertical knowledge of industry processes and have been developing innovative and market-proven fintech solutions for more than 20 years
  • Flexibility - Scalability and agility are at the core of our solutions and also of our Client management approach
  • Customer Satisfaction - Quality and performance are the foundation of our long-term relationships with our Clients

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