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Digitization and dematerialization of medical records to improve performance


Hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities: every day, healthcare professionals and operators use crucial data linked to clinical and diagnostic processes.

Lutech provides highly qualified services and state-of-the-art technological solutions such as wHealth and wLab to ensure optimized information flows, maximum security and efficient digital management of  healthcare data.

Lutech’s proprietary solutions enable healthcare operators to:

  • Acquire essential clinical and diagnostic data in a simple and automatic manner.
  • Store information and quickly retrieve it.
  • Share data in an integrated manner between structures and professionals in compliance with current regulations.
  • Eliminate paperwork.

Lutech's services are the ideal solution for IT departments of public and private hospitals of all sizes, thanks to high levels of product configurability and the expertise of the dedicated development team.


Data security, speed of consultation, and facilitated communication between healthcare professionals offers the highest possible level of protection to patients.

wHealth: a single patient view with electronic medical records

Case History

Data unification and a core application on the route to Smart Healthcare

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wHealth is Lutech’s one-stop solution for clinical and administrative healthcare requirements.

The main goal is the automated and integrated management of information from different sources, to obtain a single and complete patient view, freeing up time and energy that healthcare professionals can devote to what really matters: patient care.

This solution has a high level of data security, ensures excellent clinical risk management and ensures full corporate compliance (privacy, data integrity, national and international regulations and guidelines): with a single hub for all documentation, it is possible to optimize consultation phases and reduce human errors, thanks to automated controls and processes.

The wHealth suite, for hospitals, health authorities, palliative care facilities, and private clinics, is composed of various modules:

  • wHospital: a solution that simplifies procedures and reduces information management times. It is an outpatient and ward Electronic Medical Record, available for consultation by doctors and healthcare professionals for diagnosis and treatment purposes.
  • wEHR: Electronic Health Record solution. Contains the medical history of a patient, regardless of the healthcare facility they are using. Speeds up and facilitates access to patient information, thereby improving local care, but also administrative management of medical information over the area in question.
  • wHospice: solution that meets the data management needs of palliative care facilities.
  • wHomeCare: solution that simplifies procedures and reduces patient management time in home care.
  • wSocialCare: dedicated to facilities such as nursing homes, which, although not hospitals, have healthcare needs.


was the first configurable web medical record, created for full dematerialization of hospital hardcopy medical data

wLab: optimize and monitor the management of medical laboratories


IIn the IVD field, Lutech SPA has an ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system and some products in the wLab suite are marketed with IVD CE marking

The wLab suite provides Clinical Analysis Laboratories and IVD vendors with middleware solutions that allow the management of laboratory processes by monitoring their performance through configurable KPIs.

The devices are designed to link heterogeneous pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical instrumentation in multi-laboratory and multi-LIS/HIS contexts, supporting lab technicians in managing the workflow until the validated results for the services are obtained.

The devices incorporate systems of rules that can be configured according to client requirements and, by analyzing patient data, sample data and analytical data, generate and provide information that helps the lab technician to highlight the patients’ physiology or pathology issues.

The new web-based and multi-device LabReboot allows management of laboratories in a geographical network via a single centralized database and has been designed to manage all possible analytical disciplines (automated corelab, hematology, coagulation, proteins, urine, virology, microbiology, etc.) so that it can be used as unified middleware by the entire laboratory.

The advantages of using the product, include:

  • Dashboard that provides customizable indicators on the progress of the routine, the status of quality controls, the status of connected devices, system performance (TAT, analyzer balancing, percentage of automatically performed or automatically validated samples)
  • Process control and continuous monitoring of turnaround time
  • Automatic storage of test tubes in automation
  • Management of information that is not only quantitative/qualitative (hematology histograms and cytograms, morphological images, images of urinary sediment, electrophoretic traces, etc.)
  • Availability of specialized displays for sectors such as Haematology, Urine and Proteins
  • Management of all information for traceability of tests on samples, including reagent batch used, calibrators and QCs
  • Access logging and traceability of all changes made by users to the system configuration and data

Data Access and Collaboration

To facilitate information sharing between healthcare professionals and optimize care

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