Lutech group is a fast growing player in the IT market, with solid position in Italy and expanding across Europe. Lutech supports the digital evolution of its Clients thanks to the talent and passion of more than 2100 professionals and the solutions of the 18 companies that are part of the group.

• Cloud Platform for Energy Business Processes, from Forecasting to Trading and Risk Management
• New paradigm of Digital Customer Interaction based on Smart Payments
• IoT systems, sensors implementation and IT / OT convergence
• Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as key enablers for new business model
• Smart Grid evolution exploiting the value of Big Data

Lutech delivers the highest performance and most innovative solutions by combining Next Generation IT Infrastructure solutions with System Integration, Consulting and Outsourcing services.

Vertical Markets competences and proprietary solutions for Energy & Utilities, Telco & Media, Financial Services, Public Sector & Healthcare and Manufacturing industries guarantee an end-to-end approach for every business need.

Capitalizing on success stories in the utility market and growing industry skills and thanks to partners and acquisitions, Lutech is able to offer a sound value proposition for Utilities, embracing the core IT processes and exploiting the new trends of digital transformation.

Proprietary Software Products

Sinergetica, a Lutech group company, delivers ETRM solutions, supporting the full processes of trading and risk management and offers IT consulting & advisory services in order to face and solve main industry and regulatory issues.
Cloud delivery model of ETRM products enables a very short time to market and maximize project effectiveness.

Besides own solutions, the Lutech Utility solution map (L4E in the picture above) relies for some core functionalities on endorsed solutions. Among them, Mediana, represents a strategic partner for CRM and billing providing technology and capabilities to address Utilities needs from sales to post-sale, covering B2C (both business and residential customers) and B2B functionalities.

Loyalty 3.0, gaming and Social Engagement are additional opportunity for our clients that we can help to reach thanks to Proprietary Software Products in our portfolio: LoyaltyActivator, Win-WinActivator (gaming), Cyrano (omni-channel / social platform).

Cutting-Edge Technologies and System Integration

New business paradigm is emerging in the energy industry and innovative market participants are entering the role of “digital assistant” for enterprises and residential customers, helping them to manage in optimized and effective wise their energy consumption, their bill and their value added services (like e-home, e-mobility, maintenance, insurances, whatever the market creativity can provide besides commodities).
The retailers are even more seeking enabling technologies in order to ensure effectiveness and optimization of their sales and post-sales processes, paying attention to customer journey, digital customer experience and omni-channel communication.

Besides the proprietary SW products and endorsed solutions, the Lutech’s value proposition includes skills on best-of-breed technologies like Salesforce, that is considered crucial to assure a rapid increase in the efficiency and a strong reduction in the cost2serve performance indicators, combined with knowledge of regulated and de-regulated energy markets.

New opportunities are also given by the Artificial Intelligence applications improving many processes affecting the Customer Care and Customer Experience in the Utility market. Lutech, in partnership with Google Cloud, developed effective tools for chatbot, email routing and ticket tagging.

Power and Gas bills are a traditional but still important communication channel with final customers and Lutech can address state of art customer communication management (CCM), through the partnership with Innov@ (formerly QC Soft), in order to enable a fast responsive and flexible creation of customized documents and contents integrated with Marketing needs.

Payment regulatory evolution (PSD2) is offering a key opportunity to Utility to evolve the client relationship taking advantage from new payment methods. Thanks to the expertise consolidated in the major Fintech companies, Lutech is able to drive clients toward new business models through the power of technology enablers like Payment Gateway and Cash-Back solutions.

Big data is a key topic for many of our Energy clients. Applications on smart metering data and on workforce activities have been successfully developed enabling vertical analytics and decision support reporting, thus fostering the paradigm of data-driven enterprise.

Next Generation IT Infrastructure

Smart Metering and IoT are innovative technologies on which a new wave of investments is engaging our Clients. Thanks to the partnership with Tiesse, Lutech is able to supply gateways and routers at field level, compliant with ISO standards for both Smart Metering and IoT applications.

Moreover, Lutech Group can help Clients designing and manufacturing RFID systems for smart vehicle automation, bringing the value of success stories already gained in manufacturing industry.

In the new utility market, security and data protection issues are driven by regulatory framework, while fraud detection and predictive models are getting even more important to ensure a profitable customer relationship and revenue assurance. In the generation, transmission and distribution value chain, a growing attention is required on critical infrastructure due to new threats emerging from digital transformation and industrial IoT.

Lutech provides a framework of advisory services leveraging on a holistic view and trusted partnership with main global vendors of datacenter, security, networking and cloud solutions. It makes finally Lutech the ideal partner to face all IT issues of next generation Utilities.

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