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The Hybrid Cloud Challenge

En route with the experts to migrate, extend and secure your VMware environment in the AWS cloud. A practical guide to optimizing public cloud utilization

Are you running VMware workloads in your datacenter?
Do you want to optimize and extend your datacenter's capabilities to include new applications?
Do you want to understand how the public cloud works best for your datacenter migration?

These are just some of the reasons to follow the webinar dedicated to Hybrid Cloud with Lutech, VMware and AWS experts.

A practical guide on how to migrate, extend and secure VMware workloads in the AWS Cloud

45 minutes dedicated to:

Network Administrator, System Administrator, IT manager, CIO, Cloud Manager, IT architect, Data Engineer 

Learn what VMware datacenter execution offers on AWS infrastructure:

  • Enterprise-grade functionality for your applications
  • Business Continuity for mission critical workloads
  • Seamless two-way application portability and migration
  • High performance and predictable computing
  • Operational consistency between on-premise infrastructure and the AWS cloud
  • Zero infrastructure lifecycle management
  • Integration with AWS applications

Watch the webinar (in Italian) on demand by filling out the form

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