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Lutech and AWS for Cloud Transformation

Plan your best path to the cloud alongside Lutech Group and its partners.

Migration to the cloud – a key activity for all digital transformation processes – lends itself perfectly to the metaphor of travel. For the journey of a lifetime, preparation is everything: you need to study the details of the itinerary and choose accredited guides to discover the places best suited to your requirements and avoid nasty surprises during your travels.

The need for intermediate stops in a digital transformation pathway is now clearer than ever. After years of the forerunners clearing the path, cloud migration is the first mandatory stop for any company. Migrating to the cloud is now safe and effective and guarantees an ROI (return of investment) which can be measured in objective terms and widely recognized benefits for company operations.

“In 2020, the cloud market in Italy was worth 3.34 billion Euros, a 21% YoY increase. Over the last year, cloud adoption by SMEs grew by 42%, after being stuck at 30%”.

(Polytechnic University of Milan Digital Innovation Observatory)

Rethinking your corporate architecture, placing the different meanings of the cloud as an essential element, is a necessary step which must be covered with the utmost care. All companies will need to choose the path which is best suited to their specific characteristics and goals in order to create an IT platform which improves their processes and performance and thus contributes first-hand to achieving their financial goals.

Customized pathways to embrace the cloud paradigm

Lutech Group, an AWS partner, offers customized pathways and expert guides to help its clients on their cloud journey. Taking advantage of the expertise of the employees at recently acquired subsidiary BeeToBit and the tools provided by AWS, we are able to create an incremental pathway for your digital transformation fully in keeping with your business goals.

The directions will vary in accordance with a philosophy which does not involve a single, long path without intermediate stops, but rather incorporates specific itineraries which will gradually solve a single corporate requirement. Like a walk divided into multiple stages, giving the time to enjoy the benefits of the individual route, without preventing you from reaching your final destination – digital transformation. Moving forward in this manner avoids commitments to overly complex and demanding projects which would risk foundering before they come to fruition. It is better to take on the journey in stages, following accurate and effective directions.

The cloud journeys which Lutech Group offers its clients include all the hottest topics the cloud context has to offer. From cloud security to the hybrid cloud, from backup & disaster recovery to application modernization, right through to the presentation of an exclusive and particularly current pathway. Indeed, among the investment priorities provided for by NextGeneration EU, the European recovery plan, is the digitization of the Public Administration: for this reason, Lutech Group is focusing on the best practices of a market where the cloud will take on ever-greater importance, in Italy and in Europe as a whole.

Discover the Lutech Cloud Village pathways

The right migration tools: AWS Well-Architected

AWS Well-Architected: the complete framework

“AWS Well-Architected is the complete framework of documentation, workshops and tools for the correct evaluation of the company workloads, identification of the problems and complete management of the migration project.”

Competent and certified guides, like Lutech Group’s AWS Consulting Partners, make use of the best tools to construct the most suitable pathway, such as AWS Well-Architected. This is a framework which helps cloud architects to create secure, high-performance, resilient IT infrastructure for all types of company workloads.

Based on 5 pillars (operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization), the AWS Well-Architected service is used by Lutech Group’s experts for their cloud migration projects, but also as an initial route for planning out any type of IT architecture, not necessarily only cloud-based ones.

The use of AWS Well-Architected is restricted to a limited number of qualified cloud partners following a specific certification pathway, which includes Lutech Group’s AWS specialists.

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Cloud innovation paths

Personalized paths and expert guides for the cloud journey of our clients. Each company will be able to choose the path that best suits its characteristics and its objectives to create an IT platform that improves processes and performance of its business.

Whitepapers dedicated to the Hybrid Cloud

Whitepapers dedicated to Cloud Security

Whitepapers dedicated to the Cloud for the Public Administration