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Patients and their data at the centre of digital transformation

Governance and transmission of clinical data for more secure performance


Patient data 

Patient data is at the center of the sector’s digital transformation thanks to Big Data and Cloud innovations, above all in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of the relative processes

eHealth has opened up new scenarios in which computerized medicine, (public and private) healthcare and businesses intertwine, with solutions applicable to the full range of functions of the healthcare system and new techniques for doctor-patient interaction. 

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Lutech is able to meet the needs of the healthcare sector for better patient health management: reduction of clinical risk associated with human error and full digitization of clinical processes, to obtain a single and uniform format that can be shared between professionals and the various facilities.

In particular, technological innovation contributes to solving the main healthcare needs:

  • Accompanying the evolution from Data Collection to Data Analysis: giving structure to the large amount of data collected in the clinical and hospital environment with data warehouses, making data available for clinical research.
  • Improving data interoperability between different systems, simplifying medical data transfers, to provide which can be reused through the continuum of biomedical research, patient care and population health, in line with the European FHIR – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard.
  • Standardizing evaluation criteria for non-quantitative/qualitative information (diagrams, charts) through automatic validation of analytical data, to minimize human error.
  • Facilitating access to data in a geographical network, for telehealth applications or to support new requirements (e.g. video streaming from electron microscopes), increasing the bandwidth available for healthcare facilities.

Lutech Healthcare solutions

Reducing error

To reduce human errors, from drug prescription to preparation, Lutech has integrated the robotic chemotherapy preparation system for the leading public Institute in the oncology field

Lutech, thanks to the development of its proprietary wHealth and wLab solutions, offers advanced solutions that enable the digital transformation processes of private and public clinics and hospitals, with a focus on:

  • Projects for the digitization of clinical-hospital processes.
  • Configuration of the Electronic Medical Record solution.
  • Management of Clinical Laboratory processes, monitoring of performance via KPIs, development of middleware solutions for IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) vendors and for end customers, with IVD CE marking in accordance with standards when necessary. These products that link heterogeneous pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical instrumentation in multi-laboratory and multi-LIS/HIS contexts support workflow management and help the lab technician to highlight the status of patients.

Lutech’s solutions are highly scalable and can therefore be used, both in small and in complex hub-and-spoke situations (up to 100 devices interfaced in a geographical network) with large volumes of data (up to 30,000 samples/day) without slowing down the work of the managed devices.

  • Projects to facilitate the remote exchange of information between healthcare professionals, available to specialists present only in specific healthcare facilities. The geographical distribution of information (cytograms and morphological images in hamatology, electrophoretic traces, images of urinary sediment) reduces training requirements and the possibility for user error.


Lutech handles automation of checks on the completeness/correctness of medical records for the main National Institutes in the clinical and research field.


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