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Hybrid Cloud

Your journey with AWS and VMware

In our path towards the migration to new cloud environments, the hybrid cloud is a mandatory stopover. A fundamental crossroads on the roads leading to two equally effective clouds, the private cloud and the public cloud, the hybrid environment is today the most advisable port of call for any type of company in any market.

A hybrid cloud is used when a company wishes to keep its infrastructure balanced between the private cloud – a sort of evolution of an on-premise system – and the public cloud. In this manner, the workloads are routed towards one of the two structures, depending on which of the two is more secure and effective for a given activity.

An architecture which is heterogeneous by definition but at the same time prioritizes interoperability and communication between the two environments needs a high-performance, effective and complete management platform. Once the public environment – for example AWS – has been chosen and the private environment defined, it is important to focus on the choice of management application solutions.

“In 2020 in Italy, the Public & Hybrid Cloud segment grew by 30%, reaching 2 billion Euros out of a total market value of 3.34 billion Euros.”
(Polytechnic University of Milan Digital Innovation Observatory)

VMware Cloud on AWS is the ideal solution for hybrid environments hosted on the AWS public cloud. 

The platform guarantees complete virtual management of the data center in Software Defined mode (SDDC, software defined data center), with optimized access to AWS services. Based on VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS integrates the VMware network virtualization, storage and processing products (VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX) with the VMware vCenter management utility, for execution on dedicated, elastic, “bare metal” AWS infrastructure.

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Choosing an optimized platform for the environments of a specific hyperscaler is the most advisable choice because it guarantees the highest level of quality in the implementation and management of the services, avoiding any integration problems.

The service, now also available in the new Italian AWS region, works natively on the AWS “bare metal” infrastructure, guaranteeing high bandwidth and low latency when communicating with most AWS services through instantaneous access to the public APIs.

Adopting VMware Cloud on AWS offers further benefits. It is possible to enhance the corporate applications by taking advantage of the entire portfolio of available AWS solutions, transforming them into modern Kubernetes containers. This solution also ensures the highest levels of reliability and security for mission-critical applications, reduces the timeframes and simplifies the operations required for cloud migration, and finally provides significant savings in TCO thanks to the as-a-service paradigm.

“There are few technology stacks available for hybrid environments. The highest level of continuity of the hybrid cloud and bidirectional portability is obtained only with similar stacks on both sides, and the VMware solution fully satisfies this requirement.”
(IDC whitepaper: Attaining a True Seamless, Integrated Hybrid Cloud)

In conclusion, VMware Cloud on AWS has demonstrated itself to be the ideal solution for different digital transformation paths: migration to the cloud, the extension of a data center, disaster recovery projects, application modernization, the introduction of virtual desktops (VDI).

Time savings of 25%

“With VMware Cloud on AWS, developers save an average of 25% of their time spent managing hybrid infrastructure.”
(EMA Research)

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