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For some particularly delicate paths, the tools made available by hyperscalers such as AWS may not be enough. But data security is one of the key pillars of a successful cloud migration. The client company must have the guarantee of maximum data integrity when passing from one platform to another but, above all, it must be sure that its data is safe whatever the environment in which they move and from which they transit.

For this reason, to the native tools in AWS and others such as AWS Snow Family for the secure porting of data from one environment to another, it is necessary to define a precise strategy for the protection of the information circulating in the corporate infrastructure.

A cloud migration project today involves an increasing use of hybrid clouds, in which data can flow seamlessly from a public cloud to a private one. To ensure maximum data integrity, even for backup environments and disaster recovery activities up to business continuity, it is necessary to rely on modern and advanced protection solutions.

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The Check Point platform for cloud protection

1 out of 4 uses Check Point CloudGuard

“One in 4 Fortune 500 companies use Check Point CloudGuard to automate the security of their cloud environments”.
(Check Point)

Check Point CloudGuard provides unified threat protection and an automated level of security across the enterprise IT architecture (private, public, and hybrid cloud), ensuring security and compliance to the network, workloads and applications both in development and in runtime.

The Check Point approach is successful because it is developed according to centralized monitoring of network activity thanks to an innovative prevention and protection model that makes extensive use of machine learning and automation algorithms.

Furthermore, full integration with the AWS platform benefits partners and customers in the implementation and customization phase and ensures maximum operational efficiency.

“Check Point CloudGuard integrates directly into the CI pipeline, the set of steps to be performed in the release of new software. From the monitoring and resolution of the criticalities observed in the traffic and activity logs, to the verification of authorizations for access to the network and microservices”.

Check Point CloudGuard in IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) mode provides a unified management console for policy enforcement in cloud and on-premise environments. The solution also extends as a security orchestration platform to provide visibility and management of security, compliance automation and intrusion detection in the public cloud.

Full integration with AWS security tools

Finally, the Check Point platform features native API integration with Amazon Security Hub to enable superior visibility into a company's cloud security vulnerabilities and full regulatory compliance. But not only that, the integration is also native with other AWS security services such as Amazon Inspector, GuardDuty, CloudTrail and automatically draws on VPC Flow Log data on activities in progress in AWS cloud environments.

Check Point CloudGuard modules provide for the protection of all types of clusters and activities on any cloud environment. From the protection of application containers to that of APIs, from the protection of bots to that of network access to the management of compliance requirements and access profiles. Finally, particular attention is guaranteed in access to backup environments, private clouds and traffic to and from branches.

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