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Lutech supports clients in the financial sector for innovative digital solutions in the name of security, scalability and performance

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The Financial Services industry has been characterized in recent years by changes that are as rapid as they are significant, with the need to create valuable services increasingly tailored to the end user and with the goal of digitizing and simplifying interaction with various stakeholders.

Key elements to ensure an adequate degree of competitiveness are represented by the centrality of the relationship with the Customer conveyed through a Customer Experience of excellence, the digitization of operations and the solidity of the technological infrastructure capable of guaranteeing scalability with high levels of performance, security and reliability.

Improving the customer experience and consolidating next-generation technologies that can ensure security, scalability, and performance are the priorities of the Financial Services

Regulatory Compliance aspects combined with Sustainability aspects are a growing focus and can be more easily addressed through the implementation of solutions that offer flexibility and full control of data and processes.

The adoption of innovative digital platforms makes it possible to exploit the IT assets of financial institutions from a continuous service design standpoint, providing a fast, high-value response to the evolution of customer needs and leveraging emerging technologies such as Cloud and Generative AI.

The evolutionary path to digital must be enabled by the definition of New Operating Models and the adoption of Leading-Edge Technologies in the various areas of applicability:

  • Expanding the client’s knowledge and ability to best manage the relationship and engagement through evolved CRM and Digital Marketing solutions.
  • Redesigning new operating models by adopting Hyperautomation solutions based on Process Automation Low Code piattforms flanked by Artificial Intelligence to increase speed in processes and reduce risks of noncompliance.
  • Evolution in the products and services offering, on the one hand to ensure full usability of pre-existing ones in the digital context and, on the other, to define new offering concepts.
  • Enhancement of existing information assets composed of structured and unstructured data made available by the digitization of processes, through the use of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics  Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions based on Hybrid Data Platform architectures.
  • Progressive adoption of Generative AI and Artificial Intelligence solutions to increase levels of automation functional to the continuous improvement of both personal productivity and efficiency of all business processes.
  • Strengthening of the relationship with Customers through the implementation of advanced Loyalty programs.
  • Modernization of legacy systems and evolution of architectures, including through Cloud models and Microservices logic, to streamline costs and ensure flexibility and scalability of the IT operating structure.
  • Ensure full and constantly updated coverage of Cybersecurity aspects, providing adequate level of protection and monitoring in line with current regulations such as DORA and NIS2
  • Adoption of evolved Digital Insurance solutions increasingly flanked by automation and AI for the realization of evolved products and services tailored to customers and based on streamlined and efficient processes.    

In general, the technologies currently represent an opportunity for financial institutions not only to make their client relationships more effective and their operations more efficient, but also to advance their business and come up with innovative paradigms and models. 

Support in medium to long-term strategic choices

thanks to constant development of expertise and assessments of the specifics of the financial institution

Lutech Finance solutions

Case History

Database migration with Business Continuity in mind

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Lutech’s services for Financial Institutions include:

  • Business and IT Advisory
  • Design and implementation of application and infrastructure solutions
  • Provision of Managed Services (Next Generation Security Operations Center, Network Operations Center, Cloud Operations Center, Digital Workplace)

Lutech Financial Services team

Lutech’s Financial Services Division, consisting of over 500 professionals, has been operating in the financial services and IT solutions sector for over 20 years: we have great expertise to allow us to provide business and IT consultancy, supporting our Customers in a partnership and by adopting a pragmatic yet strategic approach to the challenge of digitizing their ecosystems (organization, processes, products/services and IT systems).

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Case history

In a database migration for a company which provides 24/7 financial services, service interruptions and data losses are unthinkable


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