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Lutech is awarded strategic Consip Framework Agreements for the dissemination of digital technologies and processes in the Public Administration.

ICT innovation to improve the quality of life of citizens


Engineering and Lutech: “Digital Alliance for Italy” is born

An Open Partnership to Accelerate the Country's Digital Transformation.

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The AgID's Three-Year Plan for IT in Public Administration (2024-2026) remains a key tool for promoting the digital transformation in Italy, aligning with the "Digital Decade 2030" and focusing on operational guidelines such as objectives and expected outcomes related to administrative actions.

Digital skills, digital public services, business digitalisation, secure and sustainable digital infrastructures are the key drivers for continuing innovation and simplifying the relationship between the public sector and stakeholders.

In this context, Lutech is one of the main players awarded contracts for innovative services for Public Administrations, involving AgID and Consip. This is to support the Italian Public Administration in complying with legal obligations set by the Digital Administration Code and implementing the Italian Digital Agenda.

Thanks to the awarding of Consip Framework Agreements, Lutech, in a temporary association with other companies, can provide services in the following areas:

  • Applications, with SAC 2, the Framework Agreement for the provision of cloud-based application services, demand services, and PMO for central and local Public Administrations, covering data governance services, software development, and evolutionary maintenance, as well as various application-related services.- Cloud: IaaS and PaaS cloud services, cloud migration, and related services
  • Cloud, thanks to the awarding of the Framework Agreement for the provision of IaaS and PaaS cloud services, with a focus on cloud migration and all services related to Cloud Transformation.
  • System and Infrastructure, with the Consip SM-3 Framework Agreement for the provision of System Management services and related optional services for Public Administrations.
  • IT Service Management: with the Framework Agreement for the provision of cloud products in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, which includes four categories of services that can be integrated with each other (service management, operation management, asset management, contract management).
  • CRM, with the "Public Cloud SAAS CRM Framework Agreement" for Salesforce CRM solutions, focusing on collecting and analysing citizen data to understand their needs and requirements in real-time.
  • Collaboration, thanks to the Framework Agreement for the provision of a "Catalogue of SaaS Products for Individual Productivity and Collaboration (Princo) for Public Administrations." Specifically, Lutech can manage the implementation of collaboration systems (such as Cisco Webex and Google Workspace) and document management systems.

Cloud for PA

Streamline bureaucratic processes and convert PA services to full digital mode, in line with citizens' expectations. 

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eGovernment guidelines for a more accessible and reliable public administration

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Public e-procurement for the public administration

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Digital technology represents a lever for economic and social transformation. By focusing on citizens and businesses, it becomes essential for a structural reform of the country.

The plan proposes to that public administration bodies contribute to the development of the country’s economy by providing them with indications on some tools that will allow the streamlining of bureaucratic procedures, greater transparency of administrative processes, greater efficiency in the delivery of public services and, last but not least, the rationalization of IT spending.

According to government guidelines and in accordance with the European objectives (“European digital market”), the tools to which ICT investments should be directed are both the physical infrastructure, i.e. hardware assets essential to the implementation of the Plan, and the skills and software components necessary to enable the paradigm shift, i.e.:

  • Communication networks, with processes to adapt the connectivity of the public administration to provide all services to citizens
  • The Cloud, with the migration of infrastructure and applications necessary for the provision of services to citizens and the evolution of Data Centers used by the Public Administration
  • Metaverse and Digital Twin to define and implement a digital abstraction of processes.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity systems
  • Monitoring and security equipment, with increasingly advanced Cybersecurity solutions
  • Enhancing the public information assets, in particular with open data, which, alongside Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, are making government bodies more accessible, open and reliable
  • System integration and interoperability between platforms, data and infrastructure
  • Big Data and advanced Business Intelligence tools provide information on the status of public bodies, and the management and progress of programs, to allow sharing of knowledge between the public administration and its stakeholders.
  • The focus on Smart Cities for local public administration bodies with the consequent development of Internet of Things solutions
  • Digital Healthcare, with the creation of a dedicated procurement platform and the development of Electronic HealthRecords, which is the basis for the development of the sector

Lutech Public Sector Solutions

Lutech, with over 15 years of experience in the design, implementation, and management of information systems and provision of ICT services as well as application and infrastructure components for large public clients, accompanies (central and local) public administration bodies through their Digital Transformation using an end-to-end approach: from needs analysis and design and development of vertical application solutions, right through to the implementation and management of on-permises and/or in-cloud technological infrastructure.

In the preliminary phase preceding the design, management and delivery of the project, we carry out a thorough needs analysis, offering an advisory-oriented approach focused on integrating the objectives of both the public administration and citizens.

We design and implement ideal solutions for the optimization and revision of public administration processes and services from a digital point of view, to ensure that the online services provided to users are increasingly efficient and therefore simple and intuitive.
Among the solutions at the heart of services designed for public administration clients: 

Among the solutions at the heart of services intended for the Public Administration:

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