For some years now, the Media sector has been adopting new entertainment and information delivery models, such as the transition to on-demand and multi-device use of content and the entry of new players, including major international OTT operators, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

To compete in this changing scenario, broadcasters, media companies, terrestrial satellite operators and publishers must renew and optimize their production and distribution processes and provide services aimed at improving customer knowledge with carefully profiled products: the differentiating value is, indeed, provided by services, content, advertising and marketing activities calibrated and customized according to the real preferences of users, made possible by Customer Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions for the management of Big Data

IP technology, as well as 5G, are some of the technological drivers that enable these new usage models, thanks to new forms of content distribution. These technologies indeed enable the optimization of all phases of the audio/video content lifecycle, including content delivery, and allow better quality audio/video formats to be used. Cloud Transformation also contributes to process optimization, allowing the migration of television and publishing infrastructures to the Cloud and enabling the transition from hardware to software applications such as audio/video encoding services provided by the Cloud.

Video distribution networks

Lutech has created audio/video distribution networks for the main Italian broadcasters for the transmission of digital television signals between regional production centers and transmission sites.

Focus on Publishing

The publishing market is one of the sectors that has been most affected by the advent of digital technology, completely changing its appearance and requiring new solutions. While sharing many trends and needs with broadcasters, there are some specific features typical to this industry:

  • Content usage shift from paper to digital content, with business models based on online payment of content (paywall).
  • Sale of advertising space based on customization: targeted advertising according to users’ interests.
  • Search for alternative or complementary business models to that of traditional advertising sales (e.g. by integrating their services with e-commerce).
  • Need to increase reader loyalty to online newspapers through customized and multi-device reading experiences. 

Big data & Artificial intelligence in the media sector


at the center of the sector’s digital transformation

Customizing the content and its use is the main competitive factor: establishing a one-to-one relationship with the user thanks to subscription models and technologies that provide increasingly accurate knowledge of the user. 

On-demand content distribution over an IP network allows broadcasters to collect a significant amount of data in real time, from the content chosen by users to the device used. In this way it is possible to build up very precise interest profiles, optimizing the customer experience and the delivery of the advertising message

In order to design alternative and sustainable business models within the digital transformation paths of the sector, data analysis, in all its forms, is therefore crucial: 

  • Data-driven content & marketing: profiling customers to formulate custom service and program offerings thanks to the Big Data collected, and following an approach based on the CRM strategy to plan loyalty and advanced caring activities, and targeted advertising. 
  • Analytics solutions on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies: to implement precise content recommendation and predictive analysis systems to guard against customer abandonment.
  • Specific AI solutions that improve the functionality of television production tools: automated metadata generation for video content for archive searching and automation of processes currently managed directly by humans (e.g. direction of sports events).
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques for the creation of digital assistants e.g. for communicating with a TV guide when searching for a film or with customer service.
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy Compliance: the issue of data processing infrastructure security is of fundamental importance, as are all aspects connected with the correct management of the user's privacy.

Case History

A multimedia content search engine thanks to AI and Google Cloud Platform

BIGxANTEPRIMA Case Study Sky AI Discover more

Lutech Media Solutions & Technology

Lutech’s Media Team has developed extensive vertical know-how in the broadcasting and IT field. Our specialized products and services, both in the infrastructure and application areas, support digital transformation, product innovation and business processes:

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