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In a cloud journey there are technology paths that lead to cloud migration, perfect for companies of all markets and sizes, and there are specific ones, for particular sectors. Among these, the leading path to the conversion of Public Administration infrastructures to cloud environments is about to become the most beaten.

The reason is to be found in the opportunities offered by PNRR, the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which dedicates a substantial package of funding to the digitalization of local and central government. The primary objectives are to streamline bureaucratic processes and convert PA services to a full digital mode, in line with citizens' expectations.

"Mission No. 1 of the PNRR, called Digitalization, Innovation, Competitiveness and Culture, has as its overall objective "the country's innovation in a digital key, thanks to which to trigger a real structural change," and invests some broad areas of intervention, the first: digitalization and modernization of the public administration."

(PNRR, National Recovery and Resilience Plan)

For this reason, the conversion of the IT architecture to the cloud paradigm proves to be the most effective and fastest way. Essentially, this means implementing an infrastructure migration project to a public or hybrid cloud environment enjoying the benefits of portability, or native implementation of services and applications on the cloud. Public Administrations that have already embarked on the path of cloud digitization are enjoying the benefits in terms of productivity, efficiency and functionality of services, making life easier for employees and users.

Public Sector

Digital transformation roadmap for public administration to simplify interactions between citizens and central and local governments.

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Lutech Group's approach to PA digital transformation

"IT spending by government organizations globally is expected to reach a figure of $483 billion in 2021, an average budget increase of 5.1% over 2020."
(Gartner Government IT Spending Forecast, 2020-2021, Worldwide)

The knowledge of the specific problems of Public Administration is the strong point of BeeToBit, Advanced Consulting Partner AWS with more than 20 certifications, today an integral part of Lutech Group. The approach used is a gradual development of projects focused on solving a specific problem, starting with a strong consulting component.

The It architectures of the Public Administration are typically obsolete, the applications that enable the services are often misaligned and with poor usability interfaces. In this context, the use of a cloud paradigm in several projects developed by BeeToBit/Lutech Group has demonstrated its effectiveness.

It is easy and immediate, for example, to extend services to citizens in a context of Smart Cities. Providing complete and accurate visibility of available parking spaces, or collecting and analyzing real-time traffic information through the implementation of an IoT network become fast, cost-effective and effective projects. The AWS public cloud represents the repository for secure data collection and perfectly adheres to the required compliance, and the implementation of custom web services usable via smartphone is immediate and effective.

In these implementations, and in others carried out on the occasion of specific events, such as the management, publication and monitoring of election results in real time or the PA click days for the assignment of public tenders, the characteristics of cloud environments always prove to be successful. This is thanks to their distinctive features: the dynamic scalability of storage and the elasticity of processing systems. The storage space and computational capacities are managed autonomously by the AWS platform, brilliantly overcoming issues related to peak access to services.

"For Central Public Administration, digital demand is expected to grow 4.3% in 2021, to €2,125 million, and 4.1% in 2022, to €2,213 million. In Local Public Administration, the expected growth is 3.7% in 2021, to €1,278 million, and 4.4% in 2022, to €1,334 million."

(Confindustria Digitale - Il Digitale in Italia, Forecasts 2020-2022 and Policy)

Another distinctive feature of cloud-based projects is the possibility to convert or create fast and innovative applications and integration models. This is known as Application Modernization. Thanks to the enormous range of tools made available by AWS, the IT partner is able to give new life to obsolete software, make them interoperable for a better interpretation of data and provide innovative user interfaces that can be used by any device.

For this, Lutech Group specialists rely on special tools such as AWS Well-Architected, the ideal framework to design and implement a complete migration to the AWS cloud. In addition to providing powerful support in the analysis and evaluation of the pre-existing infrastructure in order to activate the migration processes, AWS Well-Architected proves to be perfect for the implementation or conversion of application services according to the cloud paradigm.

It is precisely in Public Administration projects that tools such as AWS Well-Architected prove to be particularly effective, guaranteeing effective application porting and a real alignment of functionality and interfaces with user requirements. 

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