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Lutech @ CMS Auto Finance Forum


The world of mobility, supported by responsible consumption, new formulas and technologies with the aim of satisfying the needs of new users, is revolutionizing the sector of car financing.
Lutech will join the 6th edition of the CMS Auto Finance Forum, where the future of this sector will be addressed with the main references in this area, including "knowledge pills" that will open our eyes to the future.

The event will be held next June 19th in Madrid, at Melià Barajas, where Stéphane Vettori, International Business Development at Lutech Group, will answer the question: can Artificial Intelligence and Big Data be the digital accelerators that will revolutionize risk assessment and decision-making?
Here’s a quick preview: the processes of analysis and evaluation of risk and its translation into decision-making are classic components of the business activity of the credit sector. As "digital accelerators", the BigData and Artificial Intelligence technologies support a gigantic contribution of efficiency and reliability to these processes, allowing light and simple onboarding workflows, and with it a greater capacity of action.
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