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From automation to HyperAutomation

The introduction of automation in the operating procedures of any enterprise context involves the use of means and technologies able to ensure that human input is reduced, or even sometimes completely eliminated. The first directly measurable benefits can be summarized as a significant reduction in time, risks, costs, errors and waste in the business processes, without distinction in terms of the scope of applicability.

Automation tools are, indeed, designed with the goal of replacing human work with automated processes, with the goal of freeing personnel from trivial and repetitive tasks, giving them the ability to make their contribution to activities with greater added value.

In order to fully realize the potential of automation in the Digital Transformation process, companies find themselves adopting progressively refined and tested automation technologies and methodologies applicable to all workflows, from the creation of faster digital customer experiences to simplification of internal processes.

Nothing incredibly new. So what, then, is the next step?

According to Gartner, the dominant trend for companies is now HyperAutomation, a procedural and application-based paradigm which has the ability to orchestrate a range of advanced technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), as well as Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPMS) Suites and Low-code/No-code Cloud Integration Platforms.

HyperAutomation is defined as a controlled, business-oriented approach, which allows companies to manage and automate the greatest possible number of processes, maximizing the potential of the aforementioned technologies through appropriate combinations in order to significantly improve the level of digital maturity.

HyperAutomation is also a strategic topic which, through progressive consistent and structured adoption, allows process inefficiencies to be identified and a response strategy to the business’ requirements to be planned, in order to arrive at the implementation and constant monitoring of the results achieved within the scope of continuous improvement. To this end, Gartner predicts that by the end of 2024, the combination of HyperAutomation and processes redesigned from a digital perspective will reduce operating costs by 30% (Source: Gartner August 2022).

Benefits of HyperAutomation

HyperAutomation brings numerous benefits to the corporate organization and business, allowing for:

  • End-to-end automation of complex corporate operations, eliminating silos between IT and OT and guaranteeing more collaborative processes
  • Faster and more accurate processing of data sets, both structured and unstructured.
  • Increased involvement and responsibility of teams, with promising side-effects in terms of greater productivity and upskilling
  • Improved user experience

HyperAutomation Practice Portfolio – Solutions and Services

Our HyperAutomation practice acts as a facilitator to help companies innovate on a large scale by accelerating the ROI of their technology investments in automation platforms and tools.

Lutech Group’s specific CoE offers HyperAutomation as a progressive digital transformation program, framing the functional context and planning the steps required to involve the organization’s base components, from governance and risk management to HR management and operational safety standards and compliance, in order to guarantee the correct adoption with regard to the optimal business timeframes and values for our clients.

By supplying integrated accelerator solutions including resources and reusables, we build MVP products, reducing implementation times by almost 40%.

Enabling Tools

Lutech Group offers a technological and methodological HyperAutomation framework composed of enabling tools to build applications or transform or complement existing ones in order to implement the digital and people-centric approach.

Robotic Process Automation Technologies - RPA

RPA technologies are able to make trivial activities more efficient, allowing the day-to-day tasks of the workforce to be reduced and diversified, and allowing for targeted upskilling operations.

  • RPA - Our automation solutions range from the creation of the implementation, support and maintenance strategy to the creation of internal CoEs.

Low-Code & Case Management Application Platforms - iBPMS

These platforms can digitize and automate complex workflows guided by specific events, in particular in the context of the digitized processes which coordinate the behavior of people and technological tools.

  • iBPMS - We work alongside our clients to implement automation solutions for corporate processes tailored through powerful low-code automation tools, which help guide the excellence of the processes throughout the organization by connecting people, systems and data without problems and guaranteeing a very fast time to market.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) – ML (Machine Learning)/DL (Deep Learning)

These technologies help rapidly interpret the human language in the execution phase, identify models in documents or data, and/or dynamically optimize the company results.

  • Machine/deep learning - Lutech Group offers a range of services and technologies to help organizations create intelligent solutions using machine/deep learning: from enabling data science workflows to improving applications with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence in the enterprise context allows organizations to prepare their data, create and validate machine learning models, including time series models, and distribute and monitor those models for the strategic decision-making process.

Multi-experience and conversational interfaces – IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant)

These technologies help take on the Digital Transformation thanks to the use of platforms which allow users to be offered distinctive experiences in a fast and efficient manner, through devices, digital touchpoints and innovative modes of interaction.

  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) - Lutech Group’s IVA services solve the true corporate challenges powered by conversational AI, creating a more stable and sustainable bridge both between companies and their clients and inside the company context itself.

Services Offered

Lutech Group offers e2e services in the progressive adoption of the HyperAutomation approach:

  • Consultancy on tailoring of the solution, discovery and roadmaps, including strategic ones
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Re-engineering of processes, with AS-IS/TO-BE process maps
  • Development of use cases
  • Implementation of low-code/no-code frameworks
  • Bot development services on RPA tools
  • AI/ML on knowledge bases
  • Cognitive intelligent document processing services (OCR+ICR)
  • KPI analysis
  • Implementation of virtual assistants

The services offered, in synergy with the technology partners with whom we work, are successfully integrated in “MetaDesk”, an application framework already implemented in a range of business contexts:

MetaDesk is Lutech’s solution which allows organizations to automate almost any corporate activity by integrating the existing set of systems and applications at process level while keeping KPIs and metrics monitored in order to analyze the operational phenomena. ​

It evokes the metadesk concept, in the sense that, aside from the contingent and subjective elements, it represents a point of access to the functionalities of the work environment itself from an integrated, optimized and efficient digital work environment perspective, offering the organization’s users access to the applications via APIs, connectors and plug-ins to access structured and unstructured data, RPA and AI tools, as well as process templates able to accelerate the implementation of the projects in a simple and effective manner. ​

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