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Application lifecycle management solutions

"Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer
through early and continuous delivery
of valuable software."
Principle no. 1 of the Agile Manifesto

The development and maintenance of business IT applications and services are at the heart of the relationship between IT functions – which are required to reduce costs and increase performance – and Business functions (Digital, Marketing, Commerce), which find increasingly competitive and challenging objectives

Technology, flexibility and speed are crucial for an ecosystem of Application Services which meet the needs and trends of models can be achieved with the help of Application Lifecycle Management Solutions, a large group of solutions that include Application Performance Testing Tools and Application Monitoring Performance Tools, which, together with Application Development Lifecycle Management, form the basic tools of a partner specialized in corporate application lifecycle support.

The strategic importance of this aspect of corporate IT means it cannot be assigned  to just any IT supplier a qualified partner with excellent references needs to be engaged. A partner able to manage the entire lifecycle of applications with an end-to-end approach, improving timeframes, costs and quality, and focusing on business optimization and innovation as a key competitive factor.

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Public e-procurement for the Public Administration

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Translate customer business objectives into a roadmap

Case History

Integrated web-based solution to serve thousands of operators in the energy market

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The initial approach must involve translating the business objectives of the customer company into precise steps of a Digital Transformation roadmap: identify the most effective solutions and technologies to achieve the objective, managing the governance of the project from the beginning to the technical support and Application Management after the application rollout.

Lutech’s team dedicated to the analysis and delivery of web and mobile business applications, with the support of the best technologies and skills for timely customisation, must first of all:

  • Identify the best application solution to achieve the business objectives assumed by the company.
  • Provide integrated and flexible solutions aimed at reducing maintenance times and the risks of blockages, malfunctions and service interruptions, in order to free up time and energy for strategic innovation.

Due to the variety of needs, depending on the market in which you operate and the existing and desirable IT infrastructure, the range of solutions and services has to be tailored to the customer company. In order to drive customer projects with an effective end-to-end approach, typically cloud-based and as-a-service, it is necessary to guarantee the interlocutor a strong competence in solutions, high-level vendor partnerships and high-quality service references.

The expertise required for effective Application Lifecycle Management

The ideal partner must therefore demonstrate strong skills in the following areas:

  • Business Consulting, Technology Assessment, Feasibility Studies, Requirement Analysis
  • Products Scouting and Vendor Selection
  • Project Management & Governance
  • QA testing, Delivery, Technical support
  • Application Maintenance Services that go beyond the simple application of agreed SLAs.

Lutech has proven itself to be a systems integration partner with very high added value in a number of specific areas.

Within the Enterprise Content Management cluster, Lutech has specific experience in the creation of portals of the following types:

  • Corporate
  • Intranet
  • Document Management, Enterprise Collaboration & Knowledge Base
  • E-government (e-procurement, tenders, etc.)
  • On-demand video
  • B2C and B2B e-commerce

Among the technologies chosen to develop Content Management Solutions for the widest range of requirements, Lutech boasts extensive expertise with Liferay, Microsoft SharePoint, Telerik Sitefinity, Alfresco WordPress, Joomla, Coremedia, and custom development on equally standard code (JEE, NET, PHP).

In addition to this expertise, are references and projects in the areas of Business Process Management, e-procurement, Mobile App and Progressive Web App (PWA) developmentand Cloud Solutions.

Within Cloud environments, Lutech designs, develops and manages standard cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), designed to serve flexible companies with scalable needs, accompanying clients trhough all phases of adoption (analysis, design, delivery and operation). 

Application services & Cloud

In particular, Lutech boasts a solid partnership with Servie Now as proof of its expertise in this field

Agile Scrum to meet the changing needs of the market and customers

Tool di gestione

Management tool in the Agile&Scrum approach: Atlassian (Confluence, Jira, Bamboo)


In recent years, the application context has undergone decisive changes in approach with the sole aim of optimizing development processes and allowing companies to respond promptly to market inputs. Lutech immediately adapted to this trend, embracing new approaches and equipping itself with highly specialized resources.

Using the Agile Development Methodology Lutech adopts tools and methodologies throughout the application development lifecycle, from planning to design, testing and deployment. The Agile approach perfectly meets the needs of customers in terms of compliance with requirements, flexibility, speed of change and overall quality of work.

With the Agile Scrum framework approach, Lutech encourages the adoption of cyclical iterative decisions with a primary focus on the delivery of a product that exclusively meets requirements defined together with the customer. Scrum identifies “boxes” with well-defined priorities and times, making both the provider and the client responsible, with the aim of involving all stakeholders and of thinking in terms of fine-tuning and continuous optimization of the solution created.

DevOps & Continuous Delivery for the highest quality

One of the most critical areas within the development cycle of any application (web, mobile, etc.) is undoubtedly the release to production phase. Although the build & deploy process can be automated and equipped with Code Quality processes, this phase involves some intrinsic problems  due mainly to the fact that it is difficult to make the test environment completely homogeneous with the production one.

The DevOps approach does not involve a systematic process, but rather represents a mindset, whose objective is the release of quality software to seize market opportunities and receive feedback from customers.

The fundamental principles on which the DevOps approach is based are:

  • Development and testing to anticipate problems and reduce risks in environments as close to the production ones as possible
  • Releasing small incremental updates frequently and constantly
  • Continuously validating quality
  • Working together, receiving and evaluating client feedback in order to adapt to changes.

Consequently, the DevOps best practices applied by Lutech are as follows:

  • Continuous business planning. Ability to continuously modify plans to meet market demands
  • Collaborative development. Continuously collaborating and integrating development activities
  • Continuous testing. Improving quality by automating controls
  • Continuous release and deployment. Releasing small incremental updates frequently by automating release processes to make the most of the activity alongside the client. Creating automated release processes minimizes the need to write custom procedures, promote tested release configurations from one environment to another, and track release content across multiple environments
  • Continuous customer feedback: Liistening to customers and acknowledging their feedback
  • Continuous monitoring: Systems monitoring.


Continuous integration & DevOps approach management tools: 


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