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Adopt new SAP technology to innovate your business management

New market thrusts are driving a strong strategic review of business applications to make data management more efficient and effective.
In this perspective, SAP, the undisputed market leader for business process management, plays an innovative and performing role by positioning itself as a functional platform for improved performance by leveraging digitization.
The Lutech Group has 20 years of experience in the SAP market by providing up-to-date skills and expertise and ensuring advanced consulting services in order to optimize clients' processes and business.

Continuous consulting and optimization services to extract maximum value from SAP solutions

In addition to SAP implementation services, Lutech's offering provides value-added services for managing all components of the platform.

1. Rise with SAP:

Innovation, end-to-end solutions and resilient business services

  • New Licensing Paradigm
  • Infrastructure, Products, Innovation and Continuous Improvements
  • Product and technology updates and upgrades
  • Assessment, migration, implementation and operation
  • Tools, Frameworks, Accelerators
  • Cloud of Choice

2. S/4Hana e BW/4 Transformation:

Innovazione, soluzioni end-to-end e servizi aziendali resilienti

  • Nuovo paradigma di licenza
  • Infrastruttura, prodotti, innovazione e miglioramenti continui
  • Aggiornamenti e upgrade di prodotti e tecnologie
  • Valutazione, migrazione, implementazione e gestione
  • Strumenti, framework, acceleratori
  • Il cloud della scelta

3. BTP – SAP Business Technology Platform

Supporting customers in adopting new platforms for application extension, seamless integration, IOT, data management and analytics

  • Adoption of new development paradigms (including ABAP)
  • Custom solution and digital core for stability and transition to the standard
  • New open applications designed and built with the "in-app" and "side-by-side" model.
  • New middleware concept and integration
  • Use of new Analytics with SAC

4. End to end SAP Transformation partner

End-to-end partner to simplify, automate, and prepare for digital transformation with SAP from assessment to strategy, build and manage together with innovation (including support for hardware selection)

  • Fornire servizi attraverso la customer engagement lifecycle 
    • Business Assessment
    • Piattaforma e Cloud con opzione bare metal Gestione delle applicazioni
    • Build and Deploy

Improve your time-to-market with SAP accelerators for every industry

To represent a successful enterprise in an era dominated by digital transformation, organizations are challenged to embrace digital trends that can be implemented very quickly. SAP's preconfigured solutions are true business accelerators that can support companies in anticipating the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

For the Manufacturing, Public Sector, Energy & Utilities and Finance markets, SAP accelerators use:

  • Preconfigured and fully integrated solutions with Fiori (s4/HANA)
  • Hundreds of SAP best practices
  • End-to-end coverage of key processes
  • Test automation-oriented approach
  • BTP evolutions

The solution for the Energy market: DORA

The New Frontier of Utilities

In today's increasingly competitive Utilities market, Retailers must address concrete IT transformation strategies that are able to improve processes and strengthen the skills needed to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and connected customer.
But how do you get to create a perfect set of solutions and assets that the business can rely on over time? How can IT transformation be one of the essential elements in defining a competitive and sustainable advantage for IT companies in a more liberalized market?
To answer these questions, Lutech has created the DORA Digital Platform: the SAP framework that answers the digital transformation of the Retail Energy sector.

DORA is the digital platform for energy retailers, designed to enable energy players, operating in the deregulated electricity and gas market, to best achieve their digital transformation. Born from the Lutech Group's more than 20 years of experience as a partner of major European utilities, DORA is based on the S/4Hana platform and achieves the highest degree of process integration from the customer to the back-end, improving UX and accelerating time to market.

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