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An open, inclusive platform for everyone for an immersive evolution of the web.
But what are the conditions for real applicability to your business?

Data and interoperability for a Metaverse genuinely interconnected with our lives and our business


“The Metaverse represents an immersive, persistent, interactive and interoperable ecosystem, composed of numerous interconnected virtual models in which users can socialize, work, carry out transactions, play and create assets, also accessing it through immersive devices” 
Extended Reality & Metaverse Observatory, Polytechnic University of Milan

The Metaverse is not a technology, as confirmed by Polytechnic University of Milan’s dedicated observatory on the topic, but rather a combination of aspects of the physical and digital world which allows users to experience an immersive and expanded reality.  

Alongside advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality, Extended Reality and the Blockchain, the Metaverse indeed radically transforms the customer experience, creating a continuous link between the physical and virtual worlds. This connection opens the doors to new methods of interaction, making purchases and revolutionizing consumption habits, working dynamics and the use of free time.

Interoperability: the key to success for concrete application of the Metaverse

The essence of the Metaverse lies in interoperability, a fundamental principle which allows the integration of various revolutionary technologies. This approach facilitates the creation of connections between different applications, overcoming the isolation caused by separate silos, and promotes the development of an open and inclusive platform for all.

The potential applications of the Metaverse are manifold, ranging across numerous different sectors. Nevertheless, for these applications to become reality, it is essential to guarantee interoperability between Metaverses, in other words the creation of an integrated system which allows its components to be autonomous but interconnected with each other, allowing various forms of information or user data to be transferred from one virtual environment to another without difficulty. 

In this context, the Blockchain, with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, AI and Digital Twins take on a key role as enabling technologies, allowing for the creation of a complete, global ecosystem. 

Lutech Group, with Lutech Campus,  is busy designing targeted solutions for the construction of innovative pathways and strategic and operational management of the component underlying the interoperability of the Metaverse – data

Data is, indeed, at the foundation of every element which will be part of the Lutech Campus project dedicated to the Metaverse, guaranteeing complete accessibility and ethics of the algorithms, the sustainability of the infrastructure supporting the technological architectures, in accordance with the goals of the EU 2030 agenda. The pledge is to open, manage and maintain a new immaterial dimension, essential to guarantee the industry’s competitiveness and improve human interaction with IT systems, optimizing costs thanks to a new interpretation of the digital world which strengthens the analog one.

Lutech is a member of the Metaverse Standards Forum

An international community where the most important companies and organizations work together to promote interoperability standards for an open metaverse.

Lutech’s expertise and use cases in the Metaverse: the role of Lutech Campus’ startups

The ideal development model for an entry to the Metaverse dimension requires thorough integration of numerous digital systems and technologies, based on the cooperation of experts in specific fields:

  • Web.3 Strategy Consultancy for designing the roadmap and goals to be reached
  • UI/UX of the digital environments, design and maintenance of 3D spaces, video and graphics with use of VR/AR and phigital logic  
  • IT security, encryption and decentralized technologies
  • Cloud and On.Prem architecture experts 
  • Creation of Artificial Intelligence and AI Ethics algorithms 
  • Digital project sustainability professionals
  • Biometric authentication
  • Legal Tech (IP, digital identity, protection and safeguarding) 

The Metaverse use cases for businesses that Lutech Group, alongside the start-ups of the Lutech Campus, can design for its clients are currently focused on four areas:

  • Digital training
  • Virtual factory
  • Congresses, events and trade shows
  • Showrooms and sales 

In the Metaverse, digital training projects allow specific locations to be recreated for the training target, with numerous intervention cases and margins of flexibility not comparable with in-person, or “physical”, training. In particular, the Metaverse allows real-world experiences to be improved and expanded, differentiating use cases for operators by reconstructing real location scenarios so that users can actually work “in the field”, with environments also populated by the digital twins of real objects on which precise simulations can be carried out. The active participation of the users also allows their feelings and involvement to be analyzed. 

Creating a Virtual Factory in the Metaverse, thanks to Digital Twins and AR/VR, allows for realistic remote interaction both during virtual visits for the presentation of products and systems and remote support and maintenance of systems and production plants.

Lutech Group’s consolidated expertise, from the point of view of meeting the needs of clients and guiding innovation for them, come together in the partnership with startups specialized in the Metaverse and AR/VR affiliated with our Campus, Techstar and Vection first and foremost:

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Techstar has developed Meta Presence®, the only business platform developed entirely in Italy which allows companies to enter the Metaverse to achieve their business goals. 


Vection Technologies

Vection Technologies develops solutions to make use of 3D data through powerful interfaces based on augmented reality, in order to promote collaboration and learning and maximize sales.

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