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Website solutions: from UI/UX design to Digital Marketing consulting

Web projects to improve the customer experience and your conversions

We build memorable experiences to achieve your business goals


UI/UX design and website development on the best CMS platforms

Design for Digital Transformation

We start out by analyzing your goals to design the perfect solution for you and your target.

Lutech’s team brings your digital presence to life: institutional websitesecommerce platformsmobile apps, intranet, for awareness and conversions centered on customer experience and value creation for your business, thanks to 20+ years of experience.

We do Performance Design: we constantly improve the Customer Experience to improve your Conversion Rate

Our approach is based on listening and proactive analysis, to build memorable experiences together, through well-defined steps:

  1. Analysis & Insights

    We listen and analyze your needs, defining the KPIs alongside you within your market, through as-is and benchmark analysis, customer journey map, UX metrics & KPIs.

  2. Concept & UI/UX Creation
    We connect people, in other words your clients, to the content they are looking for, by building informative architectures, by examining wireframes & prototypes together, based on shared use-case designs, to create a consistent user journey and the most engaging design.

  3. Conversion Rate Optimization
    Alongside the client, we analyze the results obtained to create experiences with ever-better performance, continuously improving the experience created, in a continuous process of fine tuning. Customer experience optimization is part of our DNA.

Front end Development

We turn our design ideas into reality through code, with customized front-end development, with the aid of the most targeted and innovative tools and languages, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, AMP, and many more

Back-end and CMS development

Solid partnerships with the best vendors and experience with open-source solutions allow us to design and carry out projects based on the best solutions on the market and tailored to your specific needs:

  • Coremedia Content Cloud
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • HCL Digital Experience
  • Entando WCMS
  • Wordpress

Digital Marketing Consulting

Definition of the KPIs, continuous Monitoring and Fine Tuning of the marketing mix, all in order to meet your goals

We turn your budget into results.

Through a data-driven marketing approach, we build wide-ranging inbound strategies based on objective data, which make use of the right mix of digital channels to achieve the most in terms of sales conversion rates, brand reputation and brand awareness.

SEOSEMAdvertising, Email Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization are the main expertise with which our team contributes to the growth of your business day after day, analyzing the results and molding them through continuous fine tuning.

Customer Experience Optimization

We transform data into insights and choices to reach shared goals

In order to constantly improve and simplify the customer experience, we gather and analyze an enormous quantity of data from all company activities (web analytics, advertising, social media, CRM, search engines, a/b tests) in order to transform them into insights and guide the optimization and improvement choices.

We monitor the KPI trends and make suggestions as to how to intervene, in order to ensure that the goals set during the analysis phase are reached.

Our approach, from the prototyping to the usability tests, makes use of data to monitor user interactions and to obtain user feedback throughout all project phases.

The advanced Web Analytics configuration, use of Tag Management tools, A/B testing and use of heatmap tools allow us to gather, analyze and make use of an enormous quantity of data which can then be represented in custom reports, scorecards and dashboards to share with all company departments.

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