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A good application can have only high performance databases

Database System Software is crucial to fostering a data-driven approach in client companies, reducing the time required to manage the data environment. From this perspective, the goals set aim to increase the security, quality and performance of databases and business applications, reducing the time for ordinary management in order to devote it to more strategic activities.

Maximising the availability of internal and consumer-facing business systems, reducing downtime to ensure Business Continuity, is crucial for every company, in terms of both conversion results and brand reputation, thanks to guaranteed access to its digital presence at all times. Closely related to this aim, to support DMS Software solutions, IT System Integration Services are required to make the databases communicate properly with the applications and services already present at the company.

The solutions and services needed to optimize existing and operating database infrastructure require system and application activity to support the entire database lifecycle, in full support of the corporate application ecosystem and 24/7 service continuity, even and above all during access peaks.

Lutech's activities revolve around Database Management solutions through the following phases:

  • DB development
  • Complex DB migrations in near zero downtime 24/7 and, in particular, migration from DB2/SQL Server to Oracle database
  • DB Consolidation and upgrading
  • DB Replication via Shareplex and GoldenGate for cross-platform replications
  • DB Performance Monitoring
  • DB Optimization and definition of architectures for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in Exadata environments.

Case History

Una migrazione dei database all’insegna della Business continuity

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Database consolidation: a must for freeing up resources

In order to protect investments and with the aim of quality updates to meet new corporate requirements and embrace new technological models, the consolidation of databases in becomes particularly important in multi-tenant and private cloud environments. For this reason, Lutech uses a well-defined approach that involves the following activities and objectives:

  • Consolidation of databases to reduce costs, improve management and security of data access
  • Consolidation of databases without affecting the operation of 24/7 applications and services
  • Reduction of the server processing load due to instances of different databases, with the use of fewer resources than the sum of those of individual databases, archiving up 40% resource savings
  • Reduction of saving and backup time for disaster recovery and business continuity processes
  • Creation of private clouds with self-service automation options, standardization and speed increases in the use of corporate resources.

The Quest Software suite: a complete and reliable family of DMS Software

Lutech è partner certificato di Quest

riferimento principale per il Database Management

To keep these promises, it is essential to be able to count on vendor partnerships of the highest level that guarantee recognized and reliable standard tools. In particular, Lutech is a certified partner of Quest Software, the main player in DMS Software. The Quest Software suite comprises the tools Toad, Shareplex, Foglight and Space Manager. Each one is responsible for a well-defined task.

Manage the entire DB work cycle with Toad, Spotlight, Foglight and LiteSpeed


is a family of desktop tools that provides developers and analysts with a proactive approach to database management, so that companies can reduce database administration and management time in favor of more strategic activities.

The tool simplifies the development of the database, ensures the quality of the code and automates its testing, analysis and optimization, thanks to multiple related modules:

  • Toad Database Development & Management Tools for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sap environments reduce the time and effort required to develop, manage, optimize and maintain databases, overcoming bugs, code inconsistencies and performance inefficiencies that impact the performance and availability of business-critical applications.
  • Toad Data Point is a dedicated set of self-service data preparation tools for analysts which provides detailed information on the activities through the creation of reports. It connects to almost any data source, automates query creation, and can combine data from multiple sources to provide detailed information quickly and easily.
  • Toad Edge, on the other hand, is a lightweight and flexible set of tools that simplifies database development and management in Windows or Mac environments. By supporting MySQL, it helps to reduce training for developers in companies which have chosen open source databases.
  • Finally, Toad DevOps Toolkit simplifies the execution of database development functions within DevOps workflows.

Also part of the Quest suite, and once again at the heart of the expertise of Lutech’s dedicated team, is Shareplex, a database replication solution that aims to improve the scalability, availability and integration of data while keeping costs down. Shareplex, in particular, enables data replication and integration in high-performance environments, minimises risks and downtime associated with migrations and updates, and generates analysis of reports and (near) real-time data storage.

Spotlight & Foglight, on the other hand, are the Database Performance Monitoring tools of Quest Software product suite. Spotlight monitors, diagnoses and optimises in SQL Server environments, anywhere, anytime and on any device, using a hybrid approach – whether on premise and in the cloud.

Foglight provides performance monitoring and diagnostics on a wide range of platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Cassandra).

Finally, LiteSpeed for Sql Server provides high-speed and highly efficient backup and recovery for SQL Server databases – saving up to 85% in backup size and duration compared to competing solutions.


enables data replication and integration in high-performance environments, minimizes the risks and downtime associated with migrations and updates, and provides analysis of reports and data storage in (near) real time.

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