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Lutech Next, Lutech Group’s Business Advisory and Consulting practice

Consultancy for the transformation and innovation of your business models, to optimize your results and confront change

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Lutech Next is Lutech Group’s Business Consulting practice specializing in the management of digital transformation programs and improving business performance.

Using an end-to-end model which incorporates strategic and operational processes, we successfully guide clients from a range of sectors through the planning and implementation of ambitious Digital Transformation programs, supporting them in Change Management and Operations Governance.

The professionals from our Business Consulting team have many years of cross-cutting expertise in a range of industries in order to construct, manage and transform your business:

  • Innovation and digital transformation strategy
  • Performance Improvement
  • Transformation and improvement of Operations & Supply chain processes
  • Transformation and improvement of Corporate Performance Management areas
  • Change Management
  • Program Management & Execution

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Our end-to-end approach:
from analysis to execution, to build your business strategy

From the initial analysis and assessment phase, through to the execution of the project, standing beside you at all times in the optimization of results: this is what end-to-end means for us.

We are able to guide and support you at every stage and in every direction, as long as you are heading towards the future.

Our road together:

Analysis & Insight 

Through analysis and insights into the client’s operational context, the target of reference, and the processes, skills and technologies, our Business Consulting team has the goal of understanding the client’s needs and critical issues, with an operational approach which is also based on workshops and direct interviews


Identification of the business’ requirements, construction of the roadmap and definition of measurable goals. In this phase, aspects are defined to resolve organizational problems, with the focus lying on the creation of the processes, on the adoption of tools, on the commercial offering, and everything functional to facilitating the change

Design & Project Solutions

The final design and planning of the identified solutions is crucial to guaranteeing the ROI of the actions undertaken. In this phase, the focus lies on the construction of concepts and action plans, and on the implementation times

Implementation & Governance

In order to guide and ensure the best use of the strategies and solutions identified and the Change Management plan in support of the transformation, Lutech’s Business Consulting team pays particular attention to the implementation phase of the solution, in which we concentrate on the operational management of the project activities and on the definition of the necessary corrective actions


Thanks to Lutech Group’s end-to-end expertise, the transformation and growth path we can guide you through also sees the key involvement of the phases of delivering and supporting the implementation and follow-up of the identified technological solution, as well as the implementation of the change processes designed together

Monitoring & Fine Tuning 

Forestalling change, analyzing and optimizing the performance are the drivers of growth and success. For this reason, within Lutech’s Business Consulting division, the monitoring and assessment of processes and performance during operation play a key role: with the definition of KPIs and analysis of the return and efficiency of the solutions, we assure our clients a continuous consultancy-based approach oriented towards continuous change

We build the future of your business. Together

Our Business Consulting services

Lutech’s Business Consulting team offers integrated and modular services in the field of Business Transformation, Operations Optimization, Digital Transformation and Innovation, with the goal of maximizing our clients’ results.

Our focuses:

Program Management

  • Management of business transformation programs
  • Management of technological innovation programs
  • PMO
  • Temporary Management

Performance Improvement

  • Redefinition of the organizational models, roles and responsibilities within the company
  • Re-engineering and optimization of operational processes
  • Development of lean-based projects for cost reduction and operational improvement
  • Definition of industrial & reporting and management control models

Digital Strategy

  • Cost/benefit identification and analysis for the development of digital programs
  • Definition of digital transformation development plans for business departments
  • Identification and introduction of the best technologies for process digitization
  • Implementation of Change Management plans in support of digitization

Supply Chain & Operations

  • Definition/Review of industrial strategies
  • Improvement of the production planning and management processes
  • Optimization of product development control and warehouse management
  • Improvement of the logistics and distribution processes
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Our Business Consulting division is ready to listen to your requirements and turn them into a transformation and continuous improvement roadmap.

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