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We Design, Build, Secure & Operate Hybrid Cloud Technologies enabling Customers to the Digital Evolution

Lutech’s technology platform vision is based on a hybrid cloud technology model which allows the business challenges and technological evolution of modern companies to be taken on. This model integrates traditional on-prem IT environments with advanced models based on multi-cloud platforms, safeguarding companies’ prior investments.

Lutech presents itself as a trusted advisor for client companies through a design flow which starts out with advisory services and results in high-performance solutions and infrastructures which are always available, reliable and secure, able to support the new challenges imposed by digital evolution.

Our approach allows us to understand and summarize clients’ business requirements and brings together the most suitable hybrid cloud technologies, ensuring a perfect balance between concepts of speed, flexibility, scalability and ease of management with elements of management, control, security and compliance.

The main goal is to achieve the correct balance between business agility and business resiliency through a holistic methodology consolidated over years of experience, which integrates multidisciplinary expertise with multi-vendor technology.

Our intervention strategy is based on the integration of different subject areas which are brought together to create the optimum solution for a specific client. The subject areas driving digital evolution are grouped together in our portfolio which includes the following practices:

A Business Oriented Company:

Multi-vendor technologies and multidisciplinary expertise to allow our clients to achieve their business goals

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