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Customer Engagement & CRM solutions

Selling means creating relationships

and as such it is no longer a task for the sales force only.

Today, any business as a whole must think in terms of lead generation and retention, to create engaging and lasting experiences, exploiting every interaction with the contact.

The customer is always at the center of every strategy and all the insights collected along the way are used not only by Customer Engagement & CRM solutions, but also by salespeople, sales assistants and customer service to ensure the best possible experience: communicating in a relevant manner at the right time on the right channel, providing support during and after the purchase, rewarding customers for their loyalty to the brand.

Lutech offers companies integrated solutions to build and nurture long-term relationships with their customers, because it is only by collecting and analyzing high-quality contact information and data from all sources, using data-driven insights, that you can have an impact on your target’s engagement across all digital and physical touchpoints.

Lutech is Salesforce Platinum Partner

salesforce partner

Thanks to its long-standing experience with the main players in the market, Lutech follows the entire growth path of the customer with consultancy, services and projects in the following fields:

Thanks to Customer-centric platforms based on Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning tools, for customizing content, relationship and offering strategies, Lutech creates truly end-to-end customer experiences, supporting companies in achieving their business objectives.

Lutech is Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

Customer engagement challenge: from engagement to B2C and B2B customer loyalty

Companies that rely on Lutech's professionals in this area will be able to:

  • Build a single view of the customer, taking into account their behavior and purchases on all channels and devices, to create consistent customer experiences across all touchpoints and at all points in the customer journey
  • Create engagement, cross-selling, up-selling and retention strategies, integrating outbound and inbound marketing
  • Accelerate sales conversions, automating and simplifying sales processes to enable salespersons to save time and collaborate more effectively
  • Improve customer satisfaction with fast, customized and multi-channel support
  • Build customer relationship that take into account all their behavior, beyond the purchase, with a view to achieving loyalty, by stimulating, tracking and rewarding each interaction

Cloud CRM, Customer Data Hub and Sales Force Automation

Case History

Building customer loyalty.

@1xCase Study Salesforce Discover more

Thanks to extensive experience with CRM, Lutech meets the needs of lead management, management of business opportunities, and sales forecast analysis for companies in every sector.

Traditional CRMs, understood as simple systems for tracking interactions and transactions, have indeed evolved into solutions capable of integrating and harmonizing customer data of different kinds and from different sources (personal data, behavior on the various touchpoints, purchase data, etc.): Dynamic CRM, Customer Data HUBs, Customer Data Platforms able to provide a single customer view and help create customization and targeted profiling logic, driving consistent content and offers to contacts who are actually interested.

Thanks to Lutech’s projects and solutions, the company's teams are able to:

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the activities of their business customers
  • Manage and monitor offerings, viewing advances in opportunities for the entire sales team
  • Optimize sales work with customizable processes
  • Mobility: anywhere, always at hand thanks to access from smartphones, tablets and notebooks.
  • Make the right decisions thanks to real-time reports
  • Track all interactions to enrich the conversion path from potential customer to active customer.
  • Employ strategic information in order to continuously optimize marketing campaigns and investments across all channels

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, intelligent marketing automation

Case History

Omnichannel Customer Engagement per il settore Automotive

@1xANTEPRIMA Case Study TOYOTA Discover more

Acquire data from any source and place it in a single customer data hub in order to create a single customer view and allow timely real-time communication via email, mobile, social, media, and advertising, following events and contact behaviors, permitting the creation of valuable one-to-one relationships on each channel.

Lutech creates customer engagement optimization paths through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which includes Einstein, the predictive Artificial Intelligence tool that processes data to improve sales strategies and is able to anticipate important opportunities for the client, solve problems, and create customized paths.

It is thus possible to reach potential customers in real time through the following media, with personalized content, services and promotions:

  • Personalized emails
  • SMS and MMS
  • Push notifications
  • Group messaging campaigns
  • Connections on social networks

“AI features have a decisive impact on the improvement of the customer journey, in particular: 85% on customer loyalty, 86% on lead generation, 92% on brand building.”
[Salesforce State of Marketing 2018]

Contact center & customer service solutions

In an omni-channel and increasingly interactive customer experience, customer service no longer concerns only the after-sales phase, but rather embraces the entire process, starting with requests for information and reassurance from the earliest stages, with a decisive role in purchase conversion.

Lutech allows companies to follow their customers from start to finish, thanks to:

  • Genesys, the Contact Center solution for telephone, web, email, chat, and social media channels.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud, the platform that allows you to provide assistance with a real customer relationship management approach, collecting information about the contact, and enriching the profiling with a view to future purchases and customer service needs.

These data, together with those previously analyzed, are the key to generating a predictive and increasingly effective assistance. The best possible assistance, focusing on:

  • 24/7 customer service, thanks to AI features, with virtual assistants and chat bots
  • Real-time customer profiling
  • Customized contact management

Loyalty & Omni-channel Data-Driven Marketing

Lutech offers services and integrated solutions to meet precise loyalty targets and become a benchmark for customers, with a view to:

  • Building customer relationships that take into account all their behavior, beyond the purchase, with a view to achieving loyalty.
  • Stimulating any interaction that generates value in a positive way, and keeping track of it.
  • Following customer behavior with a single viewpoint on digital and physical touchpoints, with Behavioral Omni-channel CRM logic.

Thanks to dedicated teams, Lutech’s Omni-channel data-driven solutions cover the entire customer journey, through all the crucial phases, from awareness to loyalty, allowing companies to implement projects that build strong and lasting ties with their customers, thanks to integrated features:

Awarness & consideration

  • Identification of opportunities with respect to brands, products/services, targets, competitors thanks to Big Data Analysis and Insights
  • Definition of targets and micro moments for optimization of media investments
  • Recommendations for geo-behavioral targeting
  • Direct marketing capabilities


  • Action plan for Drive to store/drive to e-commerce
  • Profiling and qualification of media contacts (transactional and behavioral data)
  • Construction and enrichment of DB marketing / CRM with geo-behavioral data

Loyalty management and contests

  • Profiling of behavior on a continuous basis (loyalty analysis)
  • Building projects to increase frequency of purchase, Cross-selling, up-selling: gamification, contests & competitions, instant win
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