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A catalyst for innovation, booster for human creativity and accelerator of automation processes. Why Generative AI is (already) making us better

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The direct experience of innovation, being able to experience it in the here and now, is a process which we have been living through for some years now, thanks to digitization and the new methods of interaction and communication which are growing virtually in real time right before our eyes. 
Technological development, while it has been reached thanks to analytical and structured processes, still holds the remarkable ability to amaze us. Whether it is due to the revolutionary nature or the speed with which the change has been implemented, when “transformation” is right before our very eyes and impacts our personal and professional lives, the wonder we experience is tangible each and every time. 

On those very rare occasions when major transformations in the digital economy take shape with unprecedented speed, wonder risks becoming bewildering, however. This is what is happening with Generative AI, for many aspects, and addressing the riches and opportunities of this revolution, guiding its evolution to improve the lives of citizens, professionals and companies, is our mission as an innovation leader
Our journey together towards the future of Gen AI starts here. 

Gen AI exploits advanced automatic learning models and algorithms to learn from existing data and generate new content. 

A new knowledge-management method: the heart of the Gen AI revolution

Gen AI not only accelerates work activities by 20% (Bain 2023), but also revolutionizes the economy and performance in companies 

Progress in Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) represents an essential catalyst for overhauling the company environment.

The adoption of large language models and artificial intelligence are indeed not simply a technological revolution, but a profound economic change. The ability to understand, reason, generate and act on unstructured data is redefining knowledge-based work in companies, opening up new opportunities and confirming Gen AI as a key element for optimizing productivity and efficiency in various areas: 

  • Enhancing the creative and innovation process, strengthening human creativity 
  • Access to new simulations and forecastsreducing the likelihood of error in company decision making. 
  • Increased productivity in key applications 

Companies are already experiencing tangible results in key sectors such as sales, marketing, IT ticket management, hiring, software development, client services and help desk activities. 

Making the most of the potential offered by generative AI therefore means addressing its potential towards applications which create new value by combining human capital with the power of this new technology: 

  1.  Optimization of upskilling, helping employees keep at the cutting edge of the required skillset
  2. Customization of support on the basis of user levels: by offering customized solutions, Gen AI adapts to users’ skill levels, guaranteeing targeted and effective support. 
  3. Redefinition of the Customer Experience, by revolutionizing B2C interactions and offering customized and intuitive experiences
  4. Expansion of business via access to relevant data, through access to user data and pertinent external data
  5. Advanced product innovation: by reducing product development times and adding new functionalities, generative AI redefined product innovation. 

Gen AI is not just a powerful technological tool, but a strategic ally with which to take on challenges and seize future opportunities for the company. Investing in this digital revolution is the first step towards a more efficient, innovative and success-focused corporate economy. 

Improve performance in the different sectors thanks to Generative AI

Gen AI’s use cases in a wide range of industries are already improving the performance, services and products available to companies.

In the Media&Broadcasting sector, they are redefining the entertainment landscape, revolutionizing production dynamics, marketing and audience involvement, accelerating the creative production cycle, automating the production of multimedia content and exploiting trends to create content which is increasingly relevant to the target.

Thanks to its ability to improve predictive and decision-making capacities in the Financial Services sector, Generative AI is improving both the customer experience and investment strategies. For this sector – although it is a model replicable in companies from other sectors – Lutech Group has developed a cutting-edge project based on large language models and chatGPT which allows for optimization of tender submissions, reductions in the time taken to search for and therefore process the information required, and elimination of the risk of human error, allowing companies to win decisive projects.  

Companies in any sector can, indeed, exploit their ability to manage natural language processing, making the extraction and processing of text-based information more efficient, precise, and scalable, with key applications in the optimization of sales and marketing processes, where the use of this technology allows the time actively dedicated to sales with customers to be increased to 90% (compared to 45%), drastically reducing the time taken to search for, manage and distribute sales and marketing content.

From virtual assistants to real-time translations, remote monitoring of patients, optimization of diagnostic accuracy for improved treatment, and use in smart mobility and energy efficiency, Generative AI maximizes the strategies and performance of professionals in all sectors.

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Lutech Open Innovation Hub

At the center of our innovation strategy, we have built Lutech Campus, which works together with universities, competence hubs, institutions and start-ups to create innovative Gen AI solutions and leading-edge technologies

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