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Responsibility: a commitment to growth

At Lutech we are aware of the social, environmental and economic impacts of our operations. That is why we value the impacts of products and processes on the community and the ecosystem.

Social and environmental sustainability is a value we don't want to do without

Letter from the CEO

Lutech Group Executive Chairman Tullio Pirovano's letter to stakeholders.

Tullio Pirovano CEO Lutech Read

In an increasingly complex and interdependent world, Lutech is aware of the effort needed to innovate its products and processes in a sustainable manner so as to ensure that new generations have the same opportunities as today.

Private companies are key players in this journey toward a responsible economy that generates positive environmental, social and economic impacts. Indeed, we believe that companies, suppliers and the entire supply chain can represent spaces for resource efficiency, process innovation and inclusive involvement of all stakeholders.

The economic paradigm we are aiming toward is one of responsibility and purpose, aware of the time this conversion will take but, also of its importance. 

We count on all our stakeholders, first and foremost our customers and partners, suppliers, employees, to ensure that the responsibility of our business is placed at the center of our decisions, integrating our business growth model.

Sustainability Report 2022

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Twenty-five percent of consumers and 22 percent of investors cite a “zero tolerance” policy toward companies that embrace questionable practices on the ethical front.

Source: Aflac CSR survey, 2019

Our commitments

Question 1


Lutech intends to pursue a careful policy of transparency towards all its partners, ensuring timely information and updates with respect to the ESG impacts of its activities.

We believe that transparency is not only a duty and a synonym of respect towards our stakeholders but also a driver of greater involvement of the community in which Lutech operates and with which it wants to share a vision of responsible growth.

Maintain a high level of transparency to all our stakeholders

Question 2


Lutech believes that sustainability is a strategic growth asset, inherent to a business mindset that is aware of the challenges of today and consequently ready to think in the long term.

Considering ESG issues at the heart of our choices means aligning economic, social and environmental goals, considering every aspect of them in virtue of a responsibility that the company intends to maintain towards future generations. 

Placing social and environmental responsibility at the center of our choices

Question 3


Lutech is aware that the challenges required to achieve sustainable development goals cannot be sustained alone, but rather a systemic vision must be adopted, which for the company implies an effort to disseminate, witness and spread what it means to operate with a responsible business model.

For this reason, the company is committed to envisioning each result as a collective goal to be achieved necessarily together with other actors, both private and public, in a sustainability journey that is as participatory and inclusive as possible. 

Commit ourselves to the spread of sustainable business models


Sustainability Report


Learn more about Lutech Responsibility Reporting

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

Robert Swan

Goals 2022

News and Updates

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