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Building a unique customer experience that is relevant for engagement, the product and transactions: this is the driver of the Lutech Group’s team dedicated to consulting, design and implementation of Digital and Omni-channel E-commerce solutions.

Solutions which take a vertical position in the market, because they have been shaped by 20 years of expertise alongside the big players in the retail sector (fashion, grocery, electronics, B2B Retail).

Strategy, technology and delivery capabilities are integrated to provide end-to-end projects and solutions, which are essential to support our clients through in Sales & Marketing Digital Transformation path and to achieve Unified Commerce.

Here for each item we put anchor/links to the corresponding sections below (same as the focus on at the top of the page):

From Omnichannel to unified Commerce.

The omni-channel shopper requires rich and engaging information for a customized, high-value brand experience. In this new scenario, the choice between BOPIS and Ship from store is outdated: point of sale, e-commerce and mobile are the same channel.

Either commerce is unified or it isn’t.

This is why the e-commerce solution is no longer an island, but becomes a management back-end with integrated transactional capabilities, an authentic digital ecosystem to manage custom content and create an incisive narrative of the brand and the product.

Context-harmonized solutions, with access to data and consumer insights, are essential to meet the challenges of Digital Transformation: 

  • Unique and personalized Customer Experience on all touchpoints, with a view to Unified Commerce
  • Sales on all digital channels and/or drive to store support
  • Product delivery to the customer in the shortest possible time and at their choice of location, thanks to intelligence sourcing systems to optimize the costs and resources of logistics processes
  • Rich, relevant, up-to-date, and accurate product information on all online and in-store channels, reducing catalog update times and time to market
  • Content & commerce experience, to combine the product and brand narrative in an integrated and seamless way with respect to the shopping experience
  • Solutions to ensure full mobile operations for store assistants: a single customer view and real-time monitoring of interactions, orders and omni-channel stock

Case History

A progressive web app to improve drive to store and service in b2b retail

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E-Commerce solutions: online and in-store experience

Case History

Digital commerce

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Today, e-commerce must enhance the customer experience and, at the same time, optimize and simplify the collaboration between the divisions involved: Business, IT, Marketing.

Lutech implements enterprise e-commerce solutions from the best vendors – IBM Watson Commerce, SAP Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce, Magento – to offer advanced responses in terms of both management and online and in-store customer experience: 

  • Multi-country, multi-language and multi-currency management of the omni-channel purchase path
  • Multi-store merchandising management, flexible for different ranges
  • Stock management with real-time view of availability and shipping times 
  • Online view of the product catalog and physical store stock (omni-channel inventory visibility)
  • Product search and product recommendation features with AI and Machine Learning integration to anticipate customer needs to support up-selling and cross-selling
  • Flexible management of promotions with profiling and one-to-one customization
  • Omni-channel payment solutions, anti-fraud systems, tokenisation
  • Headless e-commerce management, with segregation of front-end and back-end for the management of multiple “windows” (CMS, mobile app, social channels, POS, Digital kiosk, ...) on any device and format, to facilitate the design of content without slowing down the back-end.

Digital solutions for business. Never-ending possibilities.

Only an end-to-end approach creates truly comprehensive and high-performance responses. Lutech Group supports the development of omni-channel e-commerce platforms with specific digital solutions and state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. To create endless possibilities for your business.

Case History

Omnichannel Fashion&Retail PIM

@1xANTEPRIMA Case Study Fashion PIM Discover more

Omni-channel Order Management

In an increasingly customer-centric sector, users want to know availability immediately, wherever the product may be located, and then receive it in a very short time and in the nearest place. 
Now the driver of change is associated with specific features, made possible by the best solutions in the OMS field, such as IBM Sterling, Wynd, Newstore, and Digital Goodie, to allow customers to track their orders in real time for an improved customer experience. Lutech’s team offers solutions to manage the following: 

Omni-channel Inventory Visibility
Offers online product catalog display along with the stock of all logistics centers, including direct and indirect points of sale and the e-commerce catalog.

Platforms that manage the logistics associated with each sales activity, to meet customer needs, prevent critical out of stock/overstock events, and increase sales opportunities by enabling integrated services:

  • Ship to Home
  • Ship to Store for Pickup
  • Collection Location (lockers)
  • Ship from Store
  • Click and Collect
  • Reserve in store
  • ….

“In Unified Commerce, the salesperson becomes an added value, able to offer integrated functions that were previously unimaginable.”

With the advent of Unified Commerce, the salesperson becomes a genuine consultant who, thanks to Lutech solutions, represents an added value for the customer thanks to specific functions integrated directly from the mobile device:

  • MOBILE POS: immediate checkout anywhere in the store, receives on-line orders at the POS, manages mixed orders (online and physical purchases) in a single payment, accesses the online catalog for online selling from the store.
  • CLIENTELING: provides the store assistant with an omni-channel view of the customer’s behavior and purchases, in order to create customized brand and product suggestions.

Web Content Management System (CMS) e Digital Experience Platform

In an advanced e-commerce system, WCMS front-end management and optimization allows you to customize the online experience of the contact and permits real-time collaboration amongst the staff. 

The solutions from the best vendors selected by Lutech, starting with Coremedia Content Cloud, are true digital customer experiences that offer integrated content and e-commerce catalog management

Main advantages:

  • Accelerated time to market: Intuitive web-based editor, with immediate front-end changes independently from the IT area.
  • Front-end content management independent from back-end. The same content is presented differently and quickly on all touchpoints: e-commerce, digital kiosks, points of sale, mobile apps, social media and newsletters, on multiple front-ends.
  • Content customization: Contact profiling, purchasing behavior, social interactions, and information from third-party websites allow you to provide customers with a personalized online experience, with different products and contents at each step of the customer lifecycle. 
  • Immediate insertion (one-click) of catalog products into the narrative: Link relationship between images and products, creation of content pages with drag and drop of teasers and images, quick preview of responsive steps.
  • Messages distributed across different visuals and variants, according to specific segments (multi-region, multi-language, multi-site and even multi-brand), to provide on-demand interactive experiences (shoppable video, shoppable images, slideshows etc.).

PIM – Production Information Management

When product information is not aligned across all touchpoints, crucial opportunities are lost. 
PIM (Product Information Management) allows optimized and omni-channel management of product information from all channels (ERP, CRM, suppliers etc.) towards all output channels (e-commerce, in-store kiosk, clienteling, hardcopy catalog etc.) in order to obtain the following: 

  • A digital catalog which is always up-to-date in order to provide product info on the web, apps and mobile.
  • A profiled and complete customer experience, exhaustive and correct product information on all channels and for different objectives.
  • High data quality and acceleration of time to shop thanks to the optimization of processes related to the availability of information.

Informatica MDM Product 360 and Akeneo PIM are the main solutions offered by Lutech to meet these needs.

Mobile & In Store Experience

In-store sales are influenced by the mobile channel both before entering the store (webrooming) and inside the store, where customers expect to receive relevant and personalized push notifications.

Around 85% of users use mobile device in-store to acquire further product information (compare price, search for variants not available in the store etc.)

The same technology shapes patterns of behavior leading the customer to buy more and more online even at the point of sale, thanks to innovations such as:

  • Digital Kiosk: “Physical” supports in the process of digitization of the point of sale, authentic hubs displaying the omni-channel product catalog, dedicated content, videos, and to record customer presence in the store to track loyalty. 
  • Digital Signage: This is the technology that provides an interface with the branded app via QR code or beacon and customization of a dynamic set of content/offers based on customer profiles, individual devices, time and individual point of sale.
  • Virtual fitting room: Allows the customer to “virtually” test the product in front of a touchscreen mirror. 

With Lutech’s solutions, the retail store becomes a hub for collecting big customer data, thanks in particular to hardware and software solutions based on RFID tags: Radio Frequency Identification Tags are applied to products within the physical store, allowing access to a single, omni-channel view of the inventory to enhance the customer experience, wherever they are.

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