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DemoLab IoT kicks off, Lutech's pathway to support digital transition in manufacturing

The ecosystem, consisting of Lutech and its partners, provides companies in the industry with the tools they need to accelerate their digital transformation to Factory 4.0.

Lutech has launched DemoLab IoT in collaboration with Cisco and PTC: the new course was born in the heart of the Motor Valley, at the Innovation Farm site at the mechanical hub in Fornovo di Taro, in the province of Parma. It aims to promote digitalization, innovation and training for companies in the manufacturing sector.

The Lutech Group has structured an area with transversal skills dedicated to training new talent and experimentation for companies, capable of simulating typical industrial processes in Manufacturing through four IoT experiences in a Factory 4.0 context: Augmented Reality (management in support and assembly operations); Smart Factory (creating a connection between machines, monitoring their operation and remote control); Remote expert (management of all levels of training and assistance); and Cybersecurity (management of factory Cybersecurity, in an integrated and comprehensive way).

Get a sneak preview in our new DemoLab

Lutech partnered with PTC and Cisco for the launch of the new training course. PTC solutions, in fact, allow accelerating the adoption of augmented reality in the industrial environment, through the application of Hololens and Vuforia. The Smart Factory, on the other hand, was developed on ThingWorx (Ptc) software and is supported by Cisco network devices, which can directly host applications with Cloud Edge capabilities and factory data analysis, as well as security monitoring, thanks to probes on industrial network switches. The infrastructure enables interfacing with Remote expert experiences, implemented through Cisco Webex Expert on Demand solutions, and Cybersecurity, with the Cisco Cyber Vision solution specifically developed to ensure the continuity, resilience and security of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies.

The ecosystem, consisting of Lutech and its partners, provides manufacturing companies with the tools they need to accelerate their digital transformation to Factory 4.0.

"The path toward digital innovation becomes concrete and feasible for all Manufacturing companies, thanks to specific measures that support and incentivize investments in the sector," said Tullio Pirovano, CEO of Lutech Group. "Thanks to the IoT DemoLab, Lutech provides its customers and students at the Innovation Farm with a laboratory for digital transformation toward Factory 4.0, which previews services tailored to each company and offers a structured team with specific expertise in supporting companies in the Manufacturing sector that have started their digital transformation path. The IoT DemoLab makes it possible to touch on solutions to improve the competitiveness of industrial supply chains, a goal to which the investments of NRP Mission 1 are dedicated."

The launch webinar previewed the experiences and technologies that manufacturing companies will need to learn in order to quickly and productively start their digitization journey, being able to appreciate its potential and benefits. The new workshop inside the Innovation Farm is not only for customers, but also for students at the institute, which specializes in building the skills of the manufacturing industry of the future.

Download the press release (in Italian)

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