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Lutech acquires Telesio Systems


On Tuesday, June 12, the Lutech Group concluded its acquisition of the majority shareholding of Telesio Systems.

The collaboration between Lutech and Telesio Systems originates from an already solid technological partnership that has enabled the addressing of complex database migration projects for important customers, mainly in the Financial Services sector.

Telesio Systems' mission is to maintain the highest technological skills in relation to Databases, thanks to the expertise developed over the years with Oracle technologies, of which it is Gold Partner. The elevated number of certifications and awards that Oracle has conferred to the Telesio team over the years is evidence of the in-depth knowledge and thirty years of experience inherited from Confor Informatica, Oracle's first VAR in Italy.

The acquisition of Telesio Systems has a strategic value for Lutech, states Tullio Pirovano, CEO of the Lutech Group, which strengthens the Group's offer in the important sector of databases which, together with big data, represents one key development factors in the Information Technology market. This operation will be followed by important developments, also based on new acquisitions to position the Lutech Group among the main players leading digital transformation, which undoubtedly represents one of the areas with the greatest investment potential in Italy and abroad...”

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