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Lutech Group chooses Expert System for analysis and understanding of texts

A new partnership for semantic analysis based on Natural Language Processing


Expert System

With over 20 years of experience in Natural Language Processing, Expert System is a leader in the field of text analysis.

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Lutech has entered into an important partnership with Expert System, an Italian company with various locations in Europe and the US, which is specialized in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning for the comprehension of text.

Expert System’s Cogito® platform integrates the best natural language and machine learning comprehension tools in order to reproduce human abilities to understand language and the complex information contained in tests on a very large scale.

Lutech Group will therefore be able to count on Expert System’s solutions to support its own Artificial Intelligence-based solutions, specifically to extract entities from unstructured text, in other words to identify specific content inside a complex text through semantic analysis.

In particular, the pool of products available to Lutech customers will be expanded to include Cogito Discover, software for thoroughly analyzing documents, extracting and categorizing content and making use of the knowledge to accelerate the automation of processes, and Cogito Intelligent Platform, which allows information of strategic importance for Business Intelligence activities to be traced through the immediate use of content of value taken from a wide, in-depth analysis of sets of unstructured data. Training and the use of training tools also fall within the scope of the agreement.

Thanks to its partnership with Expert System, Lutech will significantly simplify analyzing text, assigning the correct meaning to content on the basis of the context, and automatic processing and comprehension of the enormous flow of unstructured data dealt with each and every day.

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Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation in the banking sector

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