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A Pervasive Approach to AI

In the AI First era, optimizing productivity and maximizing human skills is the key driver of business innovation processes. AI must be pervasive in all objectives, functions, and business processes, integrated into the corporate ecosystem by combining strategy, technical expertise, and creativity.

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An AI Ecosystem

Lutech's ecosystem fosters innovation.

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HPC as an
AI Enabler

Thanks to the computing power of the "Leonardo" Supercomputer (a Lutech reference for Cineca) and the AI expertise of iGenius, Italy's answer to ChatGPT comes to life: "Modello Italia".

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From AI Integrator
to Value Creator

In the AI First era, AI is no longer just the foundation for developing specific solutions but a holistic and pervasive approach that must impact every level of the enterprise, across all goals, functions, and processes. In this context, the role of Digital Integrators like Lutech is primarily that of a Trusted Advisor and solutions orchestrator, effectively integrating AI into the corporate ecosystem and guiding companies on their journey to become not just users of this innovative technology but value creators in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

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A Synergistic Transformation

Artificial Intelligence is changing our relationship with technology, innovation, and the very concept of "knowledge".

The strength of AI lies in overcoming traditional trade-offs between economy, sustainability, and social values. This synergistic transformation harmonizes inclusivity, ethics, and
efficiency without compromising any aspect.

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An AI Factory of Made in Italy

Lutech aims to be a part of and invest in the implementation of a new Made in Italy AI Factory, leveraging established expertise and a continuous path of research and collaboration with all stakeholders:

  • Computing Power – High Performance Computing
  • Public and Private Research and Innovation
  • Lutech Campus Ecosystem: universities, startups, digital integrators, and institutions
  • Participation in strategic initiatives for the country's growth (PNRR, MOST, HPC)
  • Growth of digital skills in cooperation with universities
Lutech AI Numbers

Lutech AI Numbers

R&D projects and developments
PetaFLOPS HPC dedicated to AI
Partners, Universities, and Startups
Application markets
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Digital Services per il tuo futuro


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