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Digital transformation requires above all a change in how we interact and communicate with customers, employees and partners. Workflows are undergoing continuous evolutions to provide services capable of improving efficiency and simplifying the daily work of the various professionals involved in each process.

The success of every digital transformation process also depends on the choice of solutions that minimize wasteful and repetitive tasks to allow each team to devote resources to strategic innovation.

Strategies, trends, case studies and the best solutions to optimize the business world through digital workflows will be at the center of “The Future of Work”, an event organized by ServiceNow in Rome on November 14 at Spazio Novecento.

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The event is aimed at anyone who wants to understand how new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, can be used to optimize and transform the way people work.

At the event, participants will be able to attend keynote speeches given by ServiceNow managers, listed to customer testimonials and meet Lutech’s experts, to learn how today's innovations and the digital first approach can affect business and competitiveness.

ServiceNow: Digital Workflows to improve the world of work

The ServiceNow cloud platform transforms old manual work methods into modern workflows, so that employees and customers obtain what they need, when they need it, simply and intuitively.
The new native mobile features of the platform, which will be presented at the event, offer unique, advanced features and an unparalleled user experience.

Now Platform supports every phase of digital transformation, creating intuitive user experiences and optimizing productivity. Three workflows for IT, employees and customers can be chosen from, or applications for totally custom workflow management can be created.

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ServiceNow's three core workflows help support every phase of digital transformation:

  • IT Workflow

It allows you to streamline and simplify the daily work of IT teams through digital workflows that increase the productivity of all team members with the support of AI.

It optimizes operations and enables faster reactions to accidents, vulnerabilities and business risks, facilitating prompt responses to business requests so that more time and resources can be focused on strategic innovation.

  • Employee Workflow

Work activities are increasingly cross-team, with projects involving multiple systems and departments within the same company. In order to increase productivity, employees can quickly and easily access to the services they need, anytime and anywhere, using an integrated Service Delivery tool that reduces administrative costs of Human Resources by up to 30%

  • Customer Workflow

The quality of customer service, especially in the post-sales phase, is competitive advantage that genuinely makes a difference. Service Now Customer Service Management offers a proactive end-to-end service, from problem to resolution, to increase customer satisfaction, identifying problems before they arise, thanks to monitoring and analysis of events, and enabling self-service AI-based services, such as chatbots, knowledge bases and communities.

Lutech is a certified and consolidated partner of Service Now and we look forward to meeting you at “The Future of Work” to advise you how to reduce the complexity of your work, improve productivity and make your organization more efficient.

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Date:    November 14, 2019

Time:      9.00 – 14.30

Spazio Novecento, Rome

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