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Optimizing company spaces and managing social distancing with Lutech Power Shields

The solution which allows reopening in full compliance with the law and the possibility to redesign corporate operations for the new normal


Lutech Power Shields

Manage and monitor distancing, gatherings and corporate spaces.

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The obligatory recourse to remote working following the health crisis of the last few months has completely redefined the dynamics of corporate productivity, and now the shared protocol requires significant adaptations in order to resume activities on company premises. In reality we are continuing in a direction which has already been traced out: various studies have shown for some time that both “Smart Working” and the monitoring of employee flows in the company and rational management of spaces – Building Management e Automation – contribute to an increase in productivity and optimization of operations. So much so, that this kind of solutions can fully fall under the components guiding a company’s digital transformation.

A complete platform

Following the increase in demand for these kinds of solutions, the Lutech Group has in recent months intensified work on Lutech Power Shields, a Real-Time Location System solution for Building Management.
Lutech Power Shields is an open and complete IoT platform which is able to monitor the flow of employees inside company premises through the use of wireless tags, in particular monitoring minimum personal distancing and capacity management for all company spaces, from factory production departments to offices and meeting rooms, and from transit areas such as corridors and lifts to canteens and changing rooms. The tracking tags are accompanied by a free app available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Safety and privacy

The system uses both Bluetooth (BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy) and sub-G wireless frequencies in order to provide the best location tracking in indoor environments, and depending on requirements can also make use of company WiFi or gateways for sending data to the data collection platforms. On detecting violations of the safety protocol, the tag will warn the user with a vibration and/or notification, and where applicable allow only the potentially dangerous contact events to be saved to the cloud, in full compliance with data protection legislation

Beyond Covid-19

Lutech Power Shields is not designed simply to ensure social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies which are adopting it indeed consider it to also be a valid support tool in modelling company spaces and operations management. Thanks to a particularly intuitive dashboard, it is indeed possible to define the capacity restrictions of common areas and meeting rooms, and manage the methods of booking and checking the status of such areas.

Integration and Compliance

The open nature of Lutech Power Shield allows for easy integration with any existing personnel management applications already used by the company, and the addition of further Building Management components (security, alarms, air quality monitoring etc.). An even more important element, however, is complete compliance with PEPP-PT (Pan-European Privacy Preserving Tracing) and the GDPR. The solution, indeed, only involves the storage of at-risk contact data in anonymized format, meaning only with the definition of an identifier, without any storage of personal data and the device.

Towards Building Management

Lutech Power Shields, along with the integrated body temperature measurement system created by Lutech Kronotech, represents the ideal bundle for resumption of higher levels of corporate productivity in this phase 2, but in the near future will be the most complete Building Management solution in the “new normal” for companies.