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Engaging the sales force and customers in Manufacturing

Read about the real case of Cartiere Carrara, which revolutionized its sales & marketing processes thanks to Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and Lutech

Engaging new customers, partners and employees in Manufacturing

Cartiere Carrara, leader in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector, with seven production sites in Italy and a sales model supported by over 1000 distributors and field agents in 47 countries worldwide, had a strong need to engage its sales force, improving its processes and the measurability of its sales & marketing performance.
To achieve this result, the sales & marketing processes were digitized, and a centralized master database (CRM) was created for the management of all commercial stakeholders, distributors and customers, thanks to Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud.

A project which has brought numerous advantages:

☁️ Centralization of information for the whole company and structured management of sales & marketing processes

☁️ Optimized performance monitoring

☁️ Automation of the management processes of commercial agreements (recurring business)

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