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A next-generation ERP platform to provide an on-demand service to customers


An ERP platform which can be integrated perfectly into the company ecosystem with advanced business models.

Creating a flexible software infrastructure, a next-generation ERP platform, able to ensure fast responses to the demands of customers, which often change during the course of work, accompanying the continuous growth of the company in the best possible manner. This was the clear challenge facing Lutech.

A challenge issued by a leading company in the packaging sector, which designs and manufactures packaging machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets, with a history of nearly fifty years of success.

The company has an offering that has evolved over time to become “on demand”, that is, perfectly adaptable to the needs of different customers, with tailor-made care in the design and a strong focus on aftersales service and support on a global level.

Confirming trust in Infor LN, the ERP software service with a global vision

In order to keep the company promise of “on-demand solutions”, Lutech’s client made the decision to undertake an in-depth review of its internal processes and information systems. This choice proved necessary in order to guarantee competitiveness in a constantly evolving market and to embrace the trend towards technological innovation.

After a thorough software selection of the “best ERP software for manufacturing”, the customer chose to stay with the world-class vendor Infor LN, the only one able to guarantee flexibility, technological innovation and, above all, continuity with the systems already in use. The company had already been a happy customer of Infor LN, and diligently followed its release updates.

The new features of Infor LN, but above all the addition of the Infor ION (Infor Open Network) and Infor Ming.le components, have enabled the company to achieve its primary (but not sole) objective of broadening the user base of the management system.

Broadening of the user base for the ERP and implementing a platform integrated with other business applications and intranet services. These are the objectives met

In addition, the integration features in the new release allowed us to achieve the most ambitious goal of the project: to build an integrated platform with all other business applications using Infor ION, starting with the intranet services developed internally over time.

The advantages of the new Infor ION and Infor Ming.le components

Infor ION is middleware able to integrate Infor (ERP, CRM, SCM and EAM for maintenance management and asset management) and other vendors’ applications. Infor Ming.le, on the other hand, uses ION technology to consolidate applications and data into a single interface, which is intuitive and easy to manage. The result was an immediate and significant increase in productivity levels.

The implementation of Infor ION middleware has enabled the implementation of multiple workflows. For instance, it is now possible to activate one for the payment of invoices and another that automatically generates alarms when particular events occur in the management software.

Infor Ming.le, on the other hand, is now the engine of the company’s portal. In addition to the available Infor products, it was possible to integrate the existing intranet – redesigned and revised – thus allowing direct access to the management software from the intranet applications. Therefore, a single click is required to check correctness while viewing the data of a report developed on a web service by directly accessing Infor LN’s transactions.

Among the winning features of Infor LN, which played a crucial role in its selection, are low costs and ease of implementation, for the same feature coverage. The new solution also provides more application features, which have resulted in fewer changes to the standard software, and in concrete possibilities for growth with the evolution of business needs.

Furthermore, the client particularly appreciated the advantages from the point of view of the user. Indeed, Infor’s new software now provides the ability to “navigate” data/information in a completely new way, in the direction of the latest trends such as cloud computing, and most of all collaboration.

An ERP which grows with the company’s business

Results: enabling business with a customizable solution

Within the set timeframe, the client team and Lutech concluded the rollout of a solution that has proven to be much richer than the previous one, also thanks to extensive customization compared to the standard product. 

Infor LN 10.3 has proven to be a complete yet versatile ERP platform, open to customization.

In addition to the significant increase in access profiles, Infor LN has ensured greater efficiency in the procedural and decision-making process, along with greater integration with sales and manufacturing subsidiaries in the re-engineering of processes and in the use of best practices.

Thanks to the ability to access future developments of the ERP platform, the client can count on a solid application partner that accompanies the dynamism and continuous growth of the organization, and consolidates the objectives of flexibility and efficiency required by the market.

More efficient decision-making process and lower risks of incorrect choices


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