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IOT solutions for industrial production optimisation

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In any company, digital transformation starts with the creation of smart models: more flexible manufacturing, better productivity and the development of new business models are now possible thanks to digital solutions.

Lutech’s Digital Enterprise solutions allow companies to deploy technologies that enable process automation and digitization, to tap their full potential and prepare to scale all levels of their Digital Transformation journey.

Offering the best technologies, systems-integration expertise and a consultancy-based approach, the Lutech Group is the ideal partner for Digital Evolution and for optimizing back-end processes.

In particular, Lutech supports its clients’ business objectives in the Industry 4.0 processes of automation and robotization of business procedures, with solutions in ERP and PLM/CAD & IoT, management and evolution of traditional application solutions, Application Lifecycle Management, from database management with Database Management solutions, to mainframe management procedures. (link to specific page of the solution where present) Always committed helping clients achieve their goals, Lutech provides full guarantees on project delivery quality, combining technological expertise with an application consulting, component which is continuous and constant throughout the project. At the same time, Lutech’s Digital Enterprise Solutions team invests in the continuous search for new best-of-breed solutions for its Customers, based on their specific needs, as well as in oversight of the development of new proprietary solutions.

Digital Transformation does not mean introducing new services without maintaining a particular sensitivity for the existing investment of the customer company. For this reason, Lutech helps its customers to enhance and exploit existing technological assets, adapting them through service activities and application integration even in mainframe services. Lutech also provides a dedicated team to support mainframe systems, with years of experience in outsourcing, application support and provision of services for Italian and international customers.

Case history

Migrazione in zero downtime dell’infrastruttura DB con Quest

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