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Building customer loyalty with Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM and Community Cloud in the Electronics Retail sector

Improving customers’ purchase experience and rewarding them with a loyalty program


A single customer view

for customized content and offerings, on every touchpoint

Ensuring complete visibility of the customer journey is the prerequisite for offering customers content and promotions that truly match their interests and behaviors. In this context, Cloud CRM solutions prove to be ideal for directing a company towards a consumer data-driven vision.

The company that chose Lutech as its partner in this process is a leading Italian consumer electronics retailer, with hundreds of physical stores divided between several partner companies, an e-commerce website, and various digital touchpoints.

Lutech, a Salesforce Platinum Partner, then implemented a customer management solution with a loyalty card-based program at its core, to collect as much profiling and customization data as possible from all physical and digital channels and lay the foundations for long-term relationships.

Lutech is a Salesforce Platinum Partner


Getting to know customers to improve their shopping experience

The objective agreed with the client was to implement a national loyalty program involving several companies under the same commercial brand. The aim was to develop an integrated customer experience that included all customer touchpoints.

The different application systems of the individual companies were to be integrated, and a business intelligence system was required, to optimize activities and speed up the rollout of promotions.

CRM Cloud

Lead generation, customer relationship management, optimization of the flow of information from the points of sale and automatic generation of customer-specific campaigns – this is the CRM cloud.

Integration of Salesforce solutions to build a customized relationship

Building loyalty

The success of the loyalty program project was made possible by the skillful implementation of Salesforce solutions around customer and store data

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM was assigned the role of the master database in which to manage the data of the group’s customers, but also to access the data and processes specific to the individual companies, while respecting the omni-channel approach typical of the industry. Sales Cloud is also used to monitor customer preferences and interests, to analyze customer history in a single view, to manage invitations and participation in store events, and to manage communication campaign clusters

In addition to the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Community Cloud was crucial to the project – this is a HUB used for both the partner community and the points of sale, in both cases to manage access to data collected through the loyalty program

The company’s management teams were therefore able to compare objectives and sales results, while the operatives of the point of sale are able to view customer characteristics in real time.

In addition to Salesforce Community Cloud, the Salesforce Wave Analytics tool was also specified to analyze purchase data through business intelligence techniques in order to optimize sales activities and the promotions calendar.

For example, this tool has made it possible to study the origin and buying habits of customers, and understand the interactions between neighboring stores that serve overlapping catchment areas, cross-referencing sales and consumer credit data.

The solution has also proven particularly useful for managing peak customer flows, optimizing staff shifts or sending promotional messages to specific customer groups.

Finally, Marketing Cloud, the marketing automation platform designed to create personalized customer experiences, was used for promotional/transactional communications to the retailer’s end customers.

At the end of the project, the client recorded an exponential increase in loyalty card subscriptions and new and more detailed individual consumer profiling, bringing them into the more modern dimension of one-to-one marketing.

With the loyalty card to track customer purchases, it has indeed been possible to target marketing initiatives more accurately, and to establish a customized relationship with each consumer, including through a specific clienteling app.

Finally, cross-sales data and their insights obtained through analytics now allow better management of peak customer flows, staff shifts, and the definition of much more highly targeted promotional activities, with a clear positive impact on the group’s awareness and reputation amongst present and future consumers.

An all-encompassing customer experience

Loyalty programs and customized relationships thanks to data gathered across all channels and to insight analysis


Lutech end-to-end solutions

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