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DemoLab IoT

Visit our new DemoLab IoT and find out how to experience a 4.0 Factory. With Lutech, Cisco and PTC.

We look forward to seeing you at the DemoLab IoT

Our new DemoLab IoT was born in the heart of the Motor Valley, in the Innovation Farm headquarters at the mechanical hub of Fornovo di Taro.
Promote digitalization, innovation and training: this is the idea behind the project that we shared with our partners Cisco and PTC, to encourage experimentation and the transfer of skills in companies.
Here you can live the experience of a 4.0 Factory, touch the technologies first hand, try them and test them to appreciate their potential and benefits in a quick and productive way.

DemoLab IoT, a new innovation accelerator is ready for you.

Contact us to participate in an exciting live experience of the DemoLab IoT.

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The importance of training and digital skills

One of the objectives behind our DemoLab IoT is to support companies in their digital transformation path, thanks to competitive and strategic solutions, with the expertise and experience that characterize the Lutech Group, Cisco, PTC and Innovation Farm. Digitization is profoundly changing our country, but this transition cannot be completed unless accompanied by an awareness of the value of digital skills. In particular, ICT specialist skills are indispensable both for the new generations who have to cultivate their professionalism, and for those who already work but need to update and retrain professionally, bringing the contents of training closer to the needs of the world of work.

DemoLab IoT with Lutech, Cisco e PTC

Contact us to visit the DemoLab IoT and live your live experience.

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