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Liscor on AziendaBanca – Leasing Technology Evolution


Azienda Banca interviewed Andrea Villa Luraschi, CEO at Liscor, Vertical Software Vendor of Lutech Group, which provides its end-to-end software platform for the management lifecycle of contracts to financial companies.
“In 2017, after the economic recovery that encouraged the revival of investments, there has been an increase of the stipulated leasing, also thanks to a series of facilitating and incentive measures, says Andrea Villa Luraschi. The continuous calls for implementation of our systems from the financial companies was an index of the resumption of the leasing market resumption.”
Andrea Villa Luraschi, CEO at Liscor, Vertical Software Vendor of Lutech Group
Liscor sees the leasing trend not just like a form of financing, but also as a tool to simplify goods management. This is why Liscor promotes continuous functional evolutions of its software platforms, as well as the use of state-of-the-art technologies. Research & Development is a top priority at Liscor, especially in new fileds such as blockchain and IoT.
“FORWARD3000 is our software: web 2.0 responsive, platform independent, developed according to a SOA logic, with an integrated process management engine. It presents unique characteristics - continues Villa Luraschi. From a functional point of view, it is a multi-product and multi-company software. This means that with a single installation it is possible to manage different financial services that can be provided either by a single company or by autonomous legal entities. Click here to read the full interview.