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Full Stack

Cisco Full-Stack Observability: measuring and optimizing digital user experiences by connecting performance to business outcomes.

Innovation routes to the Cloud

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For any company today, knowledge of application performance and optimization of the user experience are critical.
According to a studio di Cisco, 84% of them say the need to maintain business application performance is crucial for business continuity today.

But optimizing the application experience is not simple: built in a multi-cloud environment, running on cloud-native and hybrid cloud architectures, based on highly decentralized services, modern applications are complex and dynamic.

Cisco Full Stack Observability delivers and optimizes a unified experience across the technology stack in a multi-cloud environment with:

  • Full-stack visibility - Collects, unifies and correlates data.
  • Full-stack insights - Contextualizes data to obtain targeted insights.
  • Full-stack actions - Using these insights, suggests remediations or executes them automatically when possible.

Full Stack Observability realizes and optimizes digital experiences by correlating application performance to performance. With the solutions provided by Cisco, it is possible to go beyond simply monitoring your Silos such as infrastructure, network, or applications. In fact, it is possible to get to full stack visibility, insights and actions, turning scattered and disconnected data into useful data that provides shared context to IT teams.

"96% of IT professionals say full stack observability will help them make sense of what is relevant and take steps to improve business results." (Source Cisco)

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The Visibility, Insights, Action cycle on the entire Stack

It is necessary to go beyond SILOS monitoring and get full stack visibility, insights and actions: the digital business and customers demand it. Cisco's full stack observability solutions enable exceptional application experiences and make life easier for operations and development teams. By centralizing and correlating application performance analyses across the stack, IT teams can better collaborate to isolate problems and optimize application experiences. The unique combination of full-stack observability and enterprise telemetry allows you to prioritize your actions so you can deliver optimal experiences to your customers.

With Cisco's full stack observability, your teams will be able to:

  • improve customer satisfaction
  • reduce costs
  • accelerate innovation
  • increase resilience

Cisco full stack observability addresses the most critical needs:


  • Hybrid application monitoring - Monitor the performance of your traditional and hybrid applications, often monolithic, hosted and leveraging traditional and hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Modern application monitoring - Monitor the performance of cloud-native, often microservices-based, distributed applications that leverage cloud technologies hosted on public or private clouds.
  • Digital experience monitoring - Get practical, end-to-end insights into application experiences and related dependencies and business impacts.
  • Application dependency monitoring - Ensures the performance of managed and unmanaged (third-party) application services and APIs, including Internet network and cloud performance.


  • Hybrid cost optimization - Reduce costs by paying only for what you need in the public cloud and safely increasing the use of your on-premise resources.
  • Application resource optimization - Improve and secure application performance by eliminating approximations on resource allocation for on-premises and public cloud workloads.


Application security - Identifies and actively blocks vulnerabilities found in application runtimes in production.


of consumers say apps are absolutely essential to their daily lives

Cisco AppDynamics Study, 2021

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