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Lutech Sinergetica and Powel: new partnership for the Energy Trading Market in Italy


Lutech Sinergetica has signed a strategic partnership with the Norwegian software company Powel to allow a better positioning of intraday trading solutions on the Energy market in Italy.

Basing on the agreements entered into, Lutech Sinergetica will be the selected retailer in Italy for two leading solutions in the intraday market:

  • Powel intraday trading (PIDT), a web based intraday trading tool, which allows real-time trading on the connected European markets. It can be directly interfaced with the main portfolio management applications, thus allowing users to access all the relevant data.
  • Powel Algo Trader (PAT), automatic trading is supported by transparent algorithms, far from being considered a black-box solution. It take advantage of the possibility of automating the entire process from forecasting, to production planning and optimization, to trading and scheduling.

Powel AS is a market leader in the energy sector and offers solutions for energy production planning and energy trading, maintenance and network operations.

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Lutech Sinergetica is a leader in the software sector for energy management, energy trading and risk management, with its cloud based SW solutions, implementation services, support for process consultancy and outsourcing of business processes.


According to Massimiliano Mazza, Industry Leader Energy & Utilities of Lutech Group, "Lutech Sinergetica is growing in the Italian and European scenario of energy trading and risk management platforms thanks to a deep knowledge of the functional environment and a cutting-edge cloud-based technological base: this is confirmed by the recent choices of primary operators in Italy and abroad, such as Elpedison in Greece. The growth strategy is further strengthened thanks to a program of collaborations and partnerships with other leaders in the sector to complete and strengthen the offer for our Customers: in particular, I am sure that the partnership with Powel, which can boast more than 60 customers only in Europe for Smart Energy solutions and is present in over 20 countries, is a fundamental step towards this goal, thanks to the combination of reciprocal distinctive offers and the integration of customer support for Italian customers."

A collaboration that, as Lutech Sinergetica CEO Stefano Marchiori says, rests on solid foundations: "Lutech Sinergetica is the ideal partner to offer Powel solutions for continuous intraday trading to Italian energy traders, who will benefit from our presence on the national territory during the implementation, configuration and support activities, based on a deep knowledge of the peculiarities of the Italian market and its evolutions. Powel's innovative solutions, capable of supporting the management of daily needs and ensuring coverage in terms of energy markets and managed commodities, are also fully integrated with our ETRM solution Perseo Suite. A winning combination that will bring further benefits to our current customers".

Powel develops and provides business-critical software solutions to energy companies, contractors and the public sector. “The experience gained in intraday mature energy markets such as Germany has shown that continuous intraday trading offers significant potential to reduce the cost of the imbalance, as well as to increase revenues through constant optimization of flexible electricity generation. However, this requires a rapid implementation of appropriate commercial strategies as well as an automation of short-term energy management processes. Thanks to its reputation as market leader in Italy in ETRM solutions, Sinergetica is the right partner to introduce the potential of Powel solutions, which help its customers to achieve a real competitive advantage”, says Josef Janssen, Sales Manager of Powel in Basel (CH).

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