Digitization of social records of citizens thanks to Lutech's GeSISS solution


GeSISS digitizing the history of citizens

Social records of citizens containing their social and welfare history are indispensable tools enabling coordination between income support policies and active employment policies. In the public administration digitization process, this type of document has evolved from a paper format to an electronic file containing a citizen’s history and their paths of social inclusion.

Electronic files guarantee immediate, complete and shared access to information to all system users/operators, such as Municipal Social Services that cooperate online with Regional Social Information Systems, Employment Centers and the social security benefits database (Casellario dell’assistenza), creating a real network between entities.

Lutech, which has created a social services information system management solution, GeSISS, held a workshop entitled Basic income for citizens institutional network and information systems on September 18 in Naples to pass on its know-how on creating an efficient network model between entities, to professionals from both the public and private sectors.

GeSISS, built on a cloud platform, is a Lutech proprietary solution open to integration with other systems that improves the effectiveness of Social Services, programing of resources and contributes to reducing the risk of social exclusion.

Key features

  • Management of the access request and of the citizen's inclusion path to services, from the initial phase to its completion, with the definition of a simple PAI or a customized project for complex situations through multidimensional evaluation.
  • Support in the development of area social plans through tools for monitoring and reporting on social spending, controlling implementation measures, and guaranteeing an efficient and timely relationship with the voluntary sector.
  • Creation of a continuously updated and complete information repository, which speeds up the examination of access requests by sharing processes, providing transparency of activities, allowing citizens to know about the approval process, the related welfare plan or a reasoned refusal of the request.

GeSISS allows for greater efficiency of resource programing services and plays a crucial role in optimizing social service processes and in sharing information between various entities.

In addition, GeSISS simplifies and improves relationships between institutions and citizens at each step of the digital transformation of public administrations, thanks to end users being able to access and read their own files, allowing them to keep up to date on their status in a transparent and immediate manner.

Hotel Ramada
Via Galileo Ferraris, 40, Naples
0p.18.2019 – 8:30 a.m.