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Kronotech develops a security barrier with thermal imaging camera to measure body temperature

The Lutech Group company’s product to help manage the pandemic


In order to support its customers dealing with the COVID-19 virus emergency, Kronotech has developed a solution for taking body temperature.

Based on thermographic technology, the solution integrated in the KCAWEB access control platform allows employees’ and guests’ temperatures to be taken in a fast and safe manner using thermal imaging, allowing any at-risk subjects to be

“There is real progress only when the benefits of a new technology become for everyone” – Henry Ford

Thermal imaging technology


Any object with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15 °C) emits a detectable quantity of radiation: thermal imaging cameras are thus able to measure anybody’s temperature in a very short space of time. As such, there will be no congestion when passing through the site where the checks must be made.


As we now know well, one of the main symptoms of virus infection is a high temperature: the high-precision thermal imaging camera is able to detect people with high body temperatures in order to perform preliminary screening. It also supports contact-free temperature measurement, which allows body temperature to be measured accurately from one meter away via thermal imaging camera. This reduces the risk of infection from physical contact.

The solution

Thermal imaging camera + Kronopoint Terminals + KCAWEB software

As well as being particularly simple to install and configure, the solution developed by Kronotech offers a series of significant technical specifications:

  • It supports the AI face detection algorithm, which ensures that temperature measurements are taken on the target face, reducing false alarms due to other sources of heat
  • It displays an alarm on the KCAWEB transit monitoring screen to warn the operator, and prevent the subject passing through the access barrier (if there are turnstiles or gates)
  • KCAWEB allows other barriers in the system to be opened only to persons who have passed the “test” at the temperature measurement station
  • It is possible to set a test validity time, following which the badge will no longer be authorized until the temperature check procedure has been performed again
  • The accuracy of the thermal imaging camera is ±0.5 °C, which can be reduced to ±0.3 °C with the use of a blackbody calibration device, making it ideal for initial checks
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