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Journey to cloud: choose the right road

Evolve, grow, progress. These are the goals of a modern, digital­oriented business. In this scenario, the cloud represents an essential dynamic for flexible, modern management of IT requirements. Nevertheless, switching to the cloud must be aligned and compliant with the organization and the company’s business characteristics.

Lutech provides custom solutions designed to customer requirements, creates Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments, and builds simple, secure and fast transition strategies and roadmaps.

Key in the creation of Hybrid Cloud solutions is Lutech’s great experience in the design and implementation of on-premises solutions, a guarantee for clients in the choice of the most correct cloud solution.

From Cloud Impact Analysis to Cloud Migration

Cloud migration

What advantages and what cloud? Public, private, multi, hybrid?

The first step is always a Cloud Impact Analysis, an in-depth analysis of the client’s business which serves to determine the advantages of a potential switch to cloud-based applications and information.

The analysis includes cost-benefit analysis of a switch to the cloud by type (public, private, multi, hybrid) and identification of the benefits of this type of technical optimization.

Subsequently, the creation of a custom roadmap for the switch to the cloud defines the topics and methods of intervention. Only upon conclusion of these strategic activities will the cloud migration begin, always accompanied by operational support in each phase and guaranteed by the highest levels of partnership that Lutech boasts with the main public cloud service providers.

The approach is structured and integrated, based on international methodological standards (ITIL). ITIL is preparatory to standardization of corporate services and processes and enabling the implementation of an efficient and available cloud model: the data migrated from the on-premises to cloud environment nevertheless remains internally managed and organized.

The main phases of the cloud migration consist of:

  • Analysis of the client’s current situation in order to optimize the advantages of the migration to the cloud.

  • Definition of a new infrastructure model and a roadmap to manage the project from the starting point right through to the commissioning.

  • Implementation of the chosen cloud solution, maintaining constant monitoring to ensure operation and security while maintaining business continuity.

Customized Roadmap

Analysis of the client’s specific context to guarantee business continuity

Multi-Cloud Strategy. One strategy, many advantages.

Migration to the cloud offers good value for money when it represents an efficient and available solution and if the entire process is managed internally, ensuring flexibility, compliance and security. Lutech stands beside its clients with complete end-to-end consultancy services, an effective multi-cloud strategy created alongside our vendor partners, and a selection of the best cloud service providers on the market.

A team of professionals specialized in new cloud technologies and ready to support our clients in the following phases:

  • Cloud Workshop

  • Cloud Impact Analysis

  • Workload assessment

  • Cloud cost comparison

  • Cloud solution modeling (Design, Planning)

  • Cloud execution (Infrastructure Migration, Data Migration, Platform Migration)

  • Cloud Infrastructure Integration with Next-Gen Data Centers, Cybersecurity, Networking

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