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Behind each and every Lutech service is our end-to-end approach, the precise choice of managing and following through on a project, from its infrastructure right through to its applications. It is a philosophy which Lutech, in the world of IT infrastructure, translates into hybrid cloud systems based on private cloud and on-premises data center infrastructure.

Lutech’s technology platform designs and implements infrastructure and cloud solutions, making use of the best practices of each partner vendor to guarantee a consultancy service to the highest market standards on IT infrastructure solutions and data center and workplace modernization.

End-to-end approach

We follow and manage the entire project pipeline, from infrastructure right through to the applications, with a consultancy-based approach

Data center transformation & modernization


A new vision of the data center, thanks to software defined solutions in which the concept of virtualization is no longer extended only to computational resources, but rather to all IT resources

Agility, scalability and security are essential features of the new IT architectures, and are the foundations of companies’ digital evolution strategies.

It is becoming strategic for corporate businesses to design and implement IT architectures which can enable future goals and explore the most recent evolutions which open up new scenarios for digital transformation, such as the software-defined data center and networking, and hyperconvergent and multi-cloud environments.

Supporting agility and reliability goals for infrastructure is the primary goal of Lutech’s data center modernization roadmap, which involves all computing, storage, cybersecurity, networking and cloud environments.

Virtualization defines a new vision of the data center, thanks to software-defined solutions in which the concept of virtualization is no longer extended only to computational resources, but rather to all IT resources, including storage and the network. Lutech offers its clients next-generation data center solutions, essential cornerstones for a multi-cloud strategy.

Data center modernization

We support agility and reliability goals for infrastructure

Lutech Data Center modernization solutions

Lutech’s IT infrastructure & data center transformation offering involves:

Server virtualization and optimization

Virtualization technologies and the centralization of computational resources allows significant reductions in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of servers to be achieved. It is the most effective way to reduce IT costs, while at the same time increasing efficiency and agility for companies of any size.

Storage transformation

Lutech’s consolidated expertise in the storage field allows it to support clients in their transition towards innovative Software Defined Storage solutions and the highest-performance flash technologies. Improving the utilization of storage resources and availability of company data are the goals of our strategic approach, which can also lead to significant savings in management costs in this area.

Networking infrastructure development, monitoring & security

Speed, accessibility, sharing and security of information. These are the characteristics of Lutech’s data, voice and video networking solutions: secure, reliable, programmable and scalable to meet ever-more challenging business goals. Software defined networks, network function virtualization, data center interconnection (Evpn/Vxlan), and indoor & outdoor wireless networks are just some of Lutech’s networking solutions.


Speed, accessibility, sharing and security of information

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Lutech’s solutions ensure continuity and practical operation in the event of interruptions to the IT service. Initially, Disaster Recovery calculates maximum recovery times (RTO) and the maximum permissible divergence of data (RPO) in order not to overly impair the strategic plan and the cost/benefits ratio, after which Business Continuity handles restarting and supporting the production processes.

Data Protection & Copy Data Management

Lutech provides complete data protection architectures which cover high availability, backup, disaster recovery or data copying and management requirements. The production data are, indeed, made available in a totally integrated manner for a wide variety of corporate requirements such as testing/development, archiving, analytics, backup, disaster recovery, and reporting and analytics, avoiding manual work.

Automation, orchestration & operation management

Optimizing also means automating certain processes to make them faster and more efficient; for this reason, Lutech has developed provisioning, governance, workload management and financial management solutions which apply both in traditional data centers and in hybrid cloud environments, with the goal of simplifying management and reducing delivery costs and times.

IT asset management

Thanks to the ITIL® certified management environment and certifications, we support clients in their efforts to control the total cost of ownership of their infrastructure throughout its life cycle.


Governance and Total Cost of Ownership Control for our Clients’ Infrastructure

Workplace Modernization

Connected & Smart work place

Managing data and applications with the utmost security to enable the best collaboration

Modern Workplace is a strategy which accompanies the digital evolution of organizations from the end-user side, allowing adaptation to the fast pace of technological change, offering increasingly intelligent methods of working and putting people in the center to build personalized, secure experiences.

In short, talk of the Modern Workplace refers to connected working environments in which data and applications are managed with the highest levels of security, exponentially improving staff operations.

In this area, Lutech assists its clients in the implementation of cutting-edge desktop virtualization, unified communication and collaboration solutions to support company workforces, of which it is estimated that 40% will be working outside of company premises by 2022.

Lutech’s workplace modernization offering consists of:

  • Desktop Virtualization

Deployment of desktops as a managed service allows IT organizations to more rapidly respond to the evolution of workplace requirements and new opportunities. Virtualized applications and desktops can also be implemented in an easier and faster manner in branch offices and for outsourced employees, as well as for mobile workers using smartphones and tablets.

  • Unified Communication and Collaboration

In this area, Lutech boasts many years of partnership with the world leaders in these technologies, who continue to reinvent and improve the collaboration experience by focusing on ease of use, the design of the solutions and on integration with applications and social media. It is also noteworthy that Lutech offers collaboration solutions for companies and organizations which combine simplicity with security, scalability and adaptability to all types of corporate environments, all generations and all functions.


The percentage of employees who, by 2022, will be mobile workers or working remotely outside the company premises

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