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The new cybersecurity challenges and what is needed to overcome them

Lutech and Forcepoint compare notes on how the approach to security is changing in companies


What can be the value to grasp not only in technologies, but also in the ecosystem of partnerships which can allow companies to take on new current and future challenges in an effective manner? 

We are in a general context in which IT and digital technologies are becoming more and more common in companies in order to allow productivity and flexibility; in this scenario we have seen the Cloud drive uptake ever faster, but on the other hand vulnerabilities and exposure to risk are growing.

With “enforced” remote working, it has become necessary to move to a completely different logic, with the entire organization accessing systems, resources and data outside of the company itself. This scenario has led to an understanding of how cybersecurity must be increasingly approached in a systemic manner, focusing not only on technologies but also on people, processes and governance. 

Alberto Roseo, Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer at Lutech

Security cannot therefore be a weak link – on the contrary, it must be seen as a business strategy (including in the choice of technologies) and governed/implemented with an end-to-end approach

Alberto Roseo, Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer at Lutech, and Alessandro Biagini, Manager Regional Sales Italy at Forcepoint, talk about it in this fantastic interview with Nicoletta Boldrini.

In Forcepoint, we use the expression “stop the bad and free the good” to explain how cybersecurity must be ever-more “silent”, intervening only when necessary and even being a business enabler and not a brake on decisions regarding change and innovation. Security must be automated, silent and not oppressive for users, or even the company overall, while at the same time being effective and simple to manage.

Alessandro Biagini, Manager Regional Sales Italy, Forcepoint

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