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In Bari, the Technological Innovation Center of the Lutech Group

Within the Lutech Digital 4.0 R&D project, an innovation pole is born with an investment of 14 million euros in local areas and resources, for recruiting and the development of innovative solutions based on AI, AR, microservices, IoT and Blockchain

Lutech Campus in Milan, for training and innovation of the future

Innovation, Research & Development and training on STEM issues at the center of the new Lutech Campus

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Innovative data architectures based on microservices, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, for the Health, Fintech and Loyalty sectors, up to IoT and Blockchain technologies for the Energy, Manufacturing and Quantum Computing sectors.

These are the focuses of the development projects of application solutions that are being born within the Technological Innovation Pole that the Lutech Group has created at the Tecnopolis Science and Technology Park of the University of Bari in Valenzano.
A total investment of 14 million euros to focus on the territory and local resources, in collaboration, first of all, with the Polytechnic of Bari, the University of Bari Aldo Moro and LUM, and with local institutions and businesses.

The Technological Innovation Pole has to its credit a plan that has already been designed, made up of concrete and continuously expanding steps,

  • Immediate insertion of 60 recent graduates and expert technicians, whose selections are already underway, and the construction of a new data center
  • Hiring of 500 technicians over the next five years, making Bari a real center for nearshoring and for the Lutech Group and reskilling for key local resources.
  • Realization of technical seminars at the Loyalty, Fintech and Energy computer science degree courses, to consolidate the skills of software engineering, advanced programming methods and data mining
  • Internships with both university students and local ITIS students and excellence courses dedicated to the most deserving students

The Pole aims to develop innovation in various areas both through training and recruiting, and by activating pure Research and Development projects, being part of the wider Lutech Digital 4.0 R&D project. In this context, a project in the field of Quantum Computing and Blockchain is starting that will make it available to the territory to allow the launch of new business initiatives, confirming the virtuous ecosystem that is being consolidated in the Apulian territory.
Also starting are two new R&D projects in the industrial field on Manufacturing ERP and on Billing and CRM in Energy, based on the most advanced AI and Machine Learning techniques.

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As part of the R&D project at the Bari Campus, the Lutech Group has already carried out several technical seminars at Uniba:

  • "Loyalty applications for data driven shopping"At the center of the seminar is the Lutech Group's Loyalty Activator architecture which, thanks to the use of programming languages and codes, generates and manages customer loyalty programs.
  • "Workflow implementation based on acyclic oriented graphs"A path to discover how to use DAGs, typically used to represent different types of structures in both mathematics and IT, to implement a highly performing workflow system in distributed environments.
  • "Development of an early warning system for credit risk management"
    In financial institutions, predicting contractual defaults in advance is crucial in minimizing losses during loan management. In recent years, machine learning techniques have gained an increasingly dominant position in this type of forecast, this has motivated our research and development activity in order to include a predictive and interpretable model in Lutech credit management software.
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Lutech Campus in Milan, for training and innovation of the future

Innovation, Research & Development and training on STEM issues at the center of the new Lutech Campus

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