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UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system policy

LUTECH intends to be a “Value Added Consultant” for its Customers, able to offer the best global ICT solutions to specific problems, proposing complete solutions that range from the feasibility study to final production and operational management, and committing itself to the achievement of the requirements and therefore to the maximum satisfaction of Customers themselves.

The effectiveness, timeliness and quality of the portfolio of services offered are the first objective of LUTECH, to be achieved through the attention to these aspects by every single employee.

Consequently, LUTECH acknowledges the quality of its employees’ skills as the main value on which the company relies, and is committed to implementing training plans for staff.

LUTECH has therefore identified the following strategic guidelines:

  • to achieve the goal of being PROTAGONISTS of the Digital Evolution in Europe;
  • to integrate the most innovative technologies to offer the BEST PERFORMANCE to Customers;
  • to establish PARTNERSHIPS WITH ITS CUSTOMERS, supporting them in their growth with the most advanced ICT solutions;
  • to build STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS WITH LEADING ICT VENDORS in order to be always at the forefront of technological solutions;
  • to identify, recruit, develop and maintain COLLABORATORS by investing in their talent, leadership and passion. To enhance resources through training, personalised career paths and innovative incentive mechanisms, so as to constantly increase the quality of skills and motivation.

To ensure a continuous response to the needs expressed by its Customers, LUTECH has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring the periodic review and continuous improvement of all business processes, and especially the most innovative ones.

The following diagram summarises the guiding principles of LUTECH’s Quality Policy:

  • the first priority is full Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality is the strategic tool to guarantee Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous Improvement of business processes is the method to maintain Quality as a Value Added Consultant
  • Only the Involvement of all LUTECH Resources allows to obtain Continuous Improvement, Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  • to integrate the most innovative technologies to offer the best performance to Customers

The Management periodically reviews the Quality Policy in order to ensure its continued appropriateness.