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Integrated processes and digitized workflows for a single view of customer requests

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the leading solution for digitization of IT, employee and customer workflows

Speeding up resolution times for customer support requests, improving customer service, is the goal which has united Lutech, ServiceNow and our client, a leader in visual inspection systems and product traceability during their lifecycle for the pharma sector and other industries.

The company’s customer service team, which has long been engaged in systems installation and maintenance on a worldwide level, was having difficulty in handling customer support in a satisfactory manner following an increase in the company’s business, due to a lack of or unused documentation and fragmented information due to the lack of a single source of data and the numerous IT systems involved.

Lack of visibility of progress of customer support requests

The challenges of the project: disconnected teams and lack of a single view

The issues relating to case management and customer satisfaction which had to be dealt with were clear:

  • Lack of a single overview of customer issues and progress of support requests
  •  Long response and tracking times for new tickets, due to different IT systems and lack of communication between the teams
  • Inefficient time management due to lack of measurement and workflow

The lack of communication between the customer service managers, field services manager and customers, who communicated directly with the engineers, without following the correct support flow, made it essential to implement a single platform for Customer Service, field service and knowledge management. The solution therefore had to be based on a sole database for all resources and information, a “single source of truth”.

Need to create integrated processes, workflows and shared rules

Optimizing case management: from data in silos to total visibility and tracking of every case

After a complete assessment of the client’s business processes, the solution chosen as being able to meet all these requirements fell to ServiceNow Customer Service Management, a cloud-based solution, which was implemented in just four months by the Lutech team in agile development mode. Following the UAT, Lutech continued to support the client in the roll-out and training phase, allowing for a fast, smooth transition, crucial in processes involving the whole company.

The time and effort spent searching for information is now used to make valid, targeted decisions.

Service Now has contributed to changing the corporate culture, which is now oriented towards creating and managing integrated workflows and processes, to the benefit of all work teams.

The platform now manages the entire case management process through structured and automated workflows, giving the operations and support team complete control and visibility, thanks to:

  • Real-time business reports
  • Knowledge sharing functionality
  • Reports directly from the engineers in the field

Automatic tracking of all assets improves the IT decision-making process, accelerating analysis of the causes and allowing for faster identification of the areas where IT can make improvements quickly. The transparency and visibility of the information contributes significantly to greater involvement and accountability for each and every team member.

 Customers also have access to the status of their cases, with real-time progress notifications allowing them to keep track of their situation at all times, with transparency and reliable information.

Greater efficiency and streamlining of ticket management,

with priority given to the issues with the most impact on the business

The results of the project

  • Precise definition and monitoring of KPIs
  • Reduction in the number of reported problems and faster ticket resolution thanks to total control and visibility
  •  More efficient management of resources thanks to integrated support and delivery processes
  • Optimization of business agility, and faster and more streamlined corporate and IT decision-making processes, thanks to a single source of data and information
  • Improved customer satisfaction, with an increase in contracts for continuous high-level services
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