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Generative AI in the Media&Broadcasting Industry

Customization and optimization at the heart of the industry revolution

Artificial Intelligence in the Media Industry to personalize the user experience

Before delving into the potential of Gen AI for the industry, it is useful to make a point about the potential of Data Intellingence and AI in the context of the digital transformation of the Media&Broadcasting industry, where success is increasingly determined by personalized content and propositions that are more and more in line with user habits and tastes. Indeed, the collection of historical and real-time data, both on the content consumed and the types of devices used, lays the foundation for a long-term one-to-one relationship, optimizing both the customer experience and the personalization of the advertising message.

The adoption of advanced AI solutions not only enables a higher level of user personalization and engagement, but also paves the way for alternative and sustainable business models in the context of digital transformation, with noticeable increases in operational efficiency: 

Customer interaction improvement

  • Content driven advertising placement
  • Content preference analysis
  • Personalized Advertisement
  • Content recommendation
  • Customer support & interaction, chatbot & customer service

Increase in operational efficiency

  • Repetitive task automation: schedule scheduling, adv scheduling, operational support
  • Content analysis: object recognition and workflow triggers
  • Metadataction
  • Production highlights: event and scene change recognition, workflow triggers
  • Optimization of video encoding parameters

Gen AI: what are the benefits?

By incorporating GenAI into their digital transformation strategy, Media&Broadcasting companies can redefine the entertainment landscape, redefining the dynamics of production, marketing and audience engagement. 
At the heart of industry transformation: 

Supporting the creation of original formats and scripts
Gen-AI, through its ability to generate coherent and creative text, opens new frontiers in storytelling, artistic styles, and entertainment formats. This accelerates the creative production cycle, allowing experimentation with unconventional ideas. 

Automatic production of multimedia content
From audio to video to images, Gen-AI contributes scalably to multimedia content production, creating visual elements, scenic settings, graphics and animations. In addition, it can generate custom artificial voices for commentaries, advertisements, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Responsiveness to trends
Through continuous learning, Gen-AI adapts quickly to trends and new market trends, enabling timely and relevant media production. This optimizes advertising campaigns and improves responsiveness to changing market dynamics.

Ethics and security: what are the risks to Gen AI in Media?

Generative AI is supporting Media companies to monetize their content in new ways, enabling them to increase their profitability. It is crucial to carefully manage data security risks and ensure ethical and transparent use of this technology. Among the issues being discussed and given the most attention:

Security and consistency of learning data
Learning data management of Gen-AI models requires careful governance to avoid implicit bias and ensure the quality of generated content. 

Ethical issues, deepfake and regulatory compliance
Advanced content manipulation, including deepfakes and visual/audio alterations, requires clear governance policies and a transparent approach to ensure responsible use and regulatory compliance. 

Consistency of content quality and brand perception
The extensive use of Gen-AI raises concerns about consistency between messages and brand values, requiring control mechanisms to ensure desired standards.

The integration of Gen-AI into the digital transformation of media&broadcasting companies offers tremendous opportunities, if managed responsibly. As Lutech Group, we are aware that we are on the "frontier" of generative AI algorithms, and we are committed to leading the industry to new creative and innovative horizons.

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