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Taking temperatures at the entrance of public places: how to process personal data?

The use of thermal imaging cameras and infra-red thermometers gives rise to a series of questions regarding applicability of the GDPR

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The current healthcare situation has led to the progressive adoption of
systems for measuring users’ body temperature upon entry to public places.

The widespread use of thermal imaging cameras and other body temperature measurement systems – including the infra-red thermometers now to be found at the entrance to any business – gives rise to a series of questions regarding applicability of the GDPR to this processing of personal data.

It is quite clear how the use of these digital tools inevitably involves the acquisition of personal data, as well as health and biometric data.

It therefore becomes crucial for companies to protect themselves in this area by carefully evaluating whether or not to purchase the instruments required by anti Covid-19 regulations, such as thermometers, thermal imaging devices, etc. This is why it is essential to make use of the support of privacy consultants who can both inform and sensitize the company on the importance of applying the correct regulations, comply with them and ensure they are complied with by employees with continuity, and guide the company in decision-making in this area, particularly during the purchase and use phase of new instruments and dedicated equipment.


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Different uses and tools, how to manage privacy?

A security barrier with thermal imaging

is the product developed by Kronotech to measure body temperature.

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The situations, the actions to take and the measures to apply may differ widely from one situation to the next. The tools available on the market, for example, can have very different specifications. Taking temperatures can be performed manually with a normal infra-red thermometer, or via more technologically advanced devices such as thermal imaging cameras, which allow for more rapid and immediate use. Then there are businesses, places open to the public, which are required to record the data of customers on dedicated registers, while in some cases no registration is required.

How to orient yourselves regarding processing of personal data depending on the situation, while always complying with privacy legislation?

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